Our Offices & Partners Abroad

For detailed information please click on the offices and cultural centres below. For further information on the headquarters in Zurich please go to: www.prohelvetia.ch


Tamara Alegre

Tamara Alegre’s work revolves around sensuality, erotic force, and political content. During their residency in Chile, the dancer and choreographer intends to research the local context, exchange with artists and practitioners (a contact they have been having through online events) and make connections between South American culture and her own – born in the Canary …


Sol Okarina

For her project «Analoge Undine», musician Sol Okarina draws inspiration from the myth of the undine, a nymph who protects waters, to explore different pallets that merge organic and synthetic sounds. During her residency, in which she will collaborate with artists from the Swiss experimental scene, she intends to experiment with voice, electronic textures, and …


Sebastián Squella

An artist dedicated to political theatre, Chilian Sebastián Squella will develop the project «Beyond Democracy», where he intends to create a work that reflects on the concept of democracy, a democracy that is suffering violent crises worldwide, the so-called “crisis of representation”. Collaborating with the Swiss performing arts scene, Sebastián proposes to portray, in a …


Martina-Sofie Wildberger

A performance artist focusing on text, as material, and on the political aspect of poetic expression, Martina-Sofie Wildberger aims to research the feminist movement «Ni Una Menos» in Argentina, which is described as a “collective scream against machista violence” and refers to the high number of femicides in the country. Martina has been researching the …


La Nefera

A musician from Basel with a wide range of influences, Jennifer Perez, aka La Nefera, has always preserved much of her Dominican roots and brings to her musical production a mix of hip-hop, electronic, and Latin sounds. Along with her co-band leader Victor Hege, she will participate in a residency in Colombia to collaborate with …


Juanita Fernández

For her project «Choir of Species», music and sound artist Juanita Fernández aims to take territorial tours in different parts of Switzerland and record them. These recordings should be worked on in collaboration with a local artist, creating pieces for each tour and, later, exhibited in three formats: postal pieces; a printed postcard with the …


Joaquina Salgado

As a digital artist, Joaquina Salgado combines different technologies to create experiences that blur the boundaries between the physical and the dream world. She is interested in the relationship between humans and machines and the artefacts that form our construction of reality. During this project, entitled «Co-afinación» (Co-tuning), the artist aims to explore the poetics …


João Modé

With research in constructivism and concretism, João Modé bases his residency on the participation of Max Bill [CH] in the first São Paulo Biennial, in 1951, with the work «Tripartite Unit», a fundamental piece to open ways to concretism in Brazilian art. From that historical fact, he plans to openly research the geometrical art movement …


Ishita Chakraborty

Ishita Chakraborty’s art practice is marked by the traces: displacement, traumas of colonialism, articulation in language, orality, and identity. It investigates strategies and discourses of resistance narrated by individuals who create a narrative of micro-histories that conventional history has not been able to tell. In «Resistência: The Voices of the Rivers», the artist will continue …


Guely Morató

Founder and director of SONANDES, a Bolivian platform dedicated to musical experimentation and sound art, Guely Morató has been working, since 2020, in «Wak’a: Neo-Extravism, Sacredness & Deep Listening», a project that articulates collaborations between Bolivian artists and practitioners from other countries. During her residency, Guelly intends to compositionally develop the multi-channel sound art exhibition …

Upcoming maintenance work

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