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Call for Applications

Residency Programme at CAPACETE


Programme date: During the year 2019. Dates to be decided with CAPACETE.

Application deadline: 30 September 2018, end of day (Swiss time)

CAPACETE Entertainements

Further information is available from:

Aline Juchler
+41 44 267 71 56

Residency at CAPACETE for a Swiss artist in connection with the South America programme «COINCIDENCIA» of the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.

CAPACETE Entertainments is a non-profit, autonomous initiative for cross-disciplinary investigation, production and public debate, designed to promote a diverse range of initiatives, most of which are specifically related to Brazil and the Latin American context. Based in Rio de Janeiro since 1998 and in São Paulo since 2009, CAPACETE networks with a variety of actors and initiatives from local, national and international political, social and cultural life, with the aim of developing medium to long-term collaborations. CAPACETE is an annual programme in Rio de Janeiro dedicated to practice and research in the fields of arts and critical thinking, with 10-15 participants a year. The first edition was held in March 2015.

For the second edition, CAPACETE is partnering with COINCIDENCIA, the South America programme initiated by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, and has launched a call for applications for a three-month residency. The grant for the residency is offered to a Swiss artist (resident in Switzerland for more than three years, with a clear connection to Switzerland and active participation in the Swiss art scene). The residency is aimed at artists or curators. There is no age limit.

– Travel expenses: international flights and transportation.
– Accommodation and per diem allowance.

– Production budget.

– Obtaining a visa if necessary.
– Upon arrival in Brazil, the recipient must have proof of health insurance valid for the entire residency period.
– Accepting and signing an agreement of compliance to the rules and considerations regarding the use of the allocated space and the status of the works produced during the residency, in accordance with Brazilian law.
– Participation in all the activities proposed by CAPACETE.
– CAPACETE does not require any specific work to be proposed and realized. However, it does expect the artist’s commitment to the residency activities during his or her stay.
– Development of a workshop with artists and/or agents at the artist’s place of residence according to CAPACETE’s criteria. This workshop will be jointly organized by the artist and CAPACETE. The costs of this activity must be borne by the artist.

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS – Send the following items in a single PDF file:
1. Brief biography – Send a brief professional biography (300 words maximum).
2. Brief presentation of recent works- Describe the ideas behind your work in a way that helps the jurors understand its themes, concerns and intentions (300 words maximum).
3. Five images of recent works – Send a dossier with five images of recent works, each with a brief description. Videos must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo so that the jurors do not need to download them. Please include the appropriate links and passwords to the videos in the dossier.

– Submit a resume in English together with a dossier and a letter of interest by 30 September 2018 via email to coincidencia@prohelvetia.ch.
– Compile all documentation in a single PDF file of less than 10 MB. Write the following in the subject line and in the name of the file: COINCIDENCIA – Pro Helvetia Residency CAPACETE / Name of applicant.

The chosen applicant will be informed by email by the end of October 2018.
The selected artist authorizes CAPACETE to use photos of his or her work for educational and documentation purposes.

– The application must be sent in a single email and the documentation compiled in a single PDF. Separate files will not be accepted.
– The file name must contain the name of the artist.
– The file may not be larger than 10 MB. Videos must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo.