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COINCIDENCIA Incidencias Sonoras

«Incidencias Sonoras Radio Show» is on the air!

Incidencias Sonoras Radio Show is online! ©COINCIDENCIA

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«Incidencias Sonoras Radio Show»

Luis Alvarado

From May to August 2019
Every two weeks a new podcast!

Created by Luis Alvarado, the «Incidencias Sonoras Radio Show» is a podcast about experimental music from Switzerland and South America. Luis Alvarado is a journalist, radio programmer, curator and artist. Based in Lima, Peru, he is responsible for the festivals «Integraciones» and «Ruidismos» and for the label Buh Records.

From May to August 2019, every two weeks, a new program will cover part of the broad spectrum of the exploratory music in these two regions, creating parallels, frictions, investigating past and present, and bringing together scenes apparently so disparate and distant: from improvisation and free jazz to electronic music; from noise to concrete music; from dance floor music to avant-garde pop; from sound art to the more radical developments of rock.

Listen to the first program about recent phonographic releases here and follow our social media to be notified whenever a new program is aired! The second program, scheduled for May 31, 2019, will focus on the pioneers of electronic music in both regions, and the third on South American sound artists based in Switzerland.

Incidencias Sonoras Podcast #1 Recent Releases from Switzerland and South America

1.- Reynols – Argentina Televisor Corlo (Argentina)
from «Minecxio Emanations 1993-2018»
(Pica Disk, 2019, CD/DL)

2.- Diana María Restrepo – La Restrepo en el Restrepo (Colombia)
from «8M Todas sonamos – Paisajistas Sonoras + Fest En Tiempo Real 10 años»
(En tiempo real, 2019, DL) compiled by Ana María Romano and Valeria Valencia

3.-Marco Scarassatti – Egungun pasea por la “Serra” (Brazil)
From «Cuatro Cronicas acerca de la ciudad y ancestralidad»
(Buh Records, 2019, CASS/DL)

4.-Freddy Studer – Circle Stomp (Switzerland)
From «Now’s The Time – Solo Drums»
(Everest Records, 2018, LP/DL)

5.-Paula Shocron/Violeta García/Camila Nebbia – Luminiscencia (Argentina)
from «La jaula se ha vuelto pájaro – Mujeres improvisando»
(TVLL records, 2019) producido por Camila Nebbia y Violeta García

6.-Martina Lussi – Higher Energy (Switzerland)
from «Diffusion Is A Force»
(Latency, 2019, LP/DL Paris)

7.-Tout Bleu – Tout Le Monde (Switzerland)
from «Tout Bleu»
(Bongo Joe, 2019, LP/DL)

8.-Belia Winnewisser – WAHDWTH (Switzerland)
from «Radikale Akzeptanz»
(Präsens Editionen, 2018, LP/DL)

9.-Single Mother – Martha’s kitchen (Peru)
from «Single Mother»
(Independiente, 2019, CASS/DL)

10.-Cyril Bondi & d’incise – Aleph (Switzerland)
(Astral Spirits, 2018, CASS/DL)

This project is part of «Incidencias Sonoras: COINCIDENCIA experimental music and sound art platform», managed by the Brazilian curator Chico Dub.