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COINCIDENCIA Multidisciplinary

Results of the Open Call for 05 Residencies in South America

Black Mesa 2018 ©Séverin Guelpa

Selected Artists


Séverin Guelpa


Ana Roldan
Macaco Press


Sally Schonfeldt


Antje Schupp

lugar a dudas

Céline Burnand

COINCIDENCIA is happy to announce the selected artists for 5 residencies in South America in 2020!

Over 100 applications, with a diverse range of practices, were carefully taken under consideration. All candidatures were analyzed by the Residencies and by the responsible department at Pro Helvetia.

cheLA (Buenos Aires – ARG), CAB (Patagonia – CHI), Capacete (Rio de Janeiro – BRA), JUNTA (Teresina – BRA), and lugar a dudas (Cali – COL) are excited to host the artists into their respective programmes.

Congratulations to the selected artists!


Séverin Guelpa (1974) is an artist and curator. He lives and works in Geneva. His work is rooted in an observation of the territory, social movements and conflicts of interests which can be read in the landscape. His installations often combine construction technics and raw materials to translate a world under tension, fragile and with unstable balances.


Ana Roldán (1977) is a Mexican artist who lives and works in Zurich. To realize her conceptual works, she draws from a broad range of techniques, predominantly collage, installation, performance and sculpture. She utilizes various types of materials (e.g. bamboo, bronze, ceramics, plants, minerals, wax or wood) und concentrates on the philosophy of language and the relation between the human and nature.

MACACO Press is a collective project created in March 2015 by Sabrina Fernández Casas and Patricio Gil Flood. It is a visual art project that crosses disciplines by exploring the relation between self-publishing and performance. The project was conceived not as something fixed, but as something which is in constant evolution and changing.


Sally Schonfeldt (1983) investigates how knowledge is produced and established. She questions who wields power over determining history and memory. By questioning methods of knowledge production in discourses about Decolonization, migration and women’s histories, she constantly challenges Eurocentric narratives. Her extensive research develops in experimental video essays, films, lecture performances and exhibition displays.


Antje Schupp is interested in political theatre and performances, that challenge the “passive” situation of an audience. She has been collaborating internationally with artists from South Africa, Kosovo and Albania and also works with students and non-professional performers, such as in her project Time of my Life. Currently, she is working in a collaboration with artists from Zurich and Beirut.

lugar a dudas

Céline Burnand develops a research-based work that takes shape through installations, charcoal drawings, videos or performances that focus on questioning heritages, legacies and re-enactments. Since 2013, and through the ‘patronage’ of the art historian Aby Warburg, she has been exploring the symbolic of the snake within different cultural contexts, among which the Italian Mountains of Abruzzi and the deserts in Egypt.

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