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Incidencias Sonoras IN/OUT Festival 06.09

15h CO
16h BO
22h CH

Irmãs Brasil



15h CO
16h BO
22h CH

15h CO
16h BO
22h CH

On the Divan at the End of the World
16h CO
17h BO
23h CH

Astrology as a tool of self-knowledge
Autonomous Witchcraft

17h CO
18h BO
00h CH

Ventura Profana
18h CO
19h CL – BO
20h AR-BR-UY
01h CH

19h CO
20h BO
02h CH
(DURATION: 50’ ea.)





Naturally, it is from major catastrophes that extraordinary countercurrent manifestations originate, thus, in the face of a global pandemic scenario, and constant institutional attacks on expressions in the field of art, culture and diversity in Brazil, Tormenta and Marsha! unite to present kuir-sudakas (South American queer) survival strategies and technologies, based on the worldview, and experiences, of dissident bodies, that have been articulating through the insurgency, to think about possible projects of a new world, in a process of redefinition of ruptures and human relations.

The project proposes 8 hours of content including talks, workshops, shows, sound/visual performances and documentaries that permeate artistic and pedagogical languages of resistance and crossing pandemic times under non-hegemonic perspectives. The contents will be a hybrid of pre-recorded materials, by image capture and digital manipulation, adapting to the best streaming format by the platform that will be used.

Like an experimental TV channel, the contents will have interludes made by visual artists Gabriel Massan and Jean Petra, exploring digital tools such as 3D and editing/manipulation of images, with a soundtrack made by Pininga. A questions and answers show presented by Alexza Paraíso, in which she takes calls from the audience, talking and clarifying doubts about sex and bad behavior: «You wanna find out? Come try it out. From Brazil to you. »

«On the Divan at the End of the World» consists of a lecture in therapy format, with TRANSÄLIEN and Paulete LindaCelva. «Autonomous Witchcraft« by Meio da Terra (Meliny Bevacqua & LU) and «Astrology as a Tool of Self-knowledge» by Papisa explores alternative ways of empowerment and self-help. In addition, exclusive mini-documentaries will be shown, one about the trajectory of the collective Marsha! and a visual-poetry by Kelton and his platform Brasilândia.co. Visual performances (Trinitas, Irmãs Brasil, Aun Helden, Ecto, Cunnany, Puri, AnalCancer) will be accompanied by DJ sets made exclusively for this broadcast (FKOFF1963, Alada, Miss Tacacá, SCAPA [ANTI B2B Libra], Badsista). The artists Ventura Profana and Podeserdesligado will perform in show format.

Tormenta is a party and a label of creativity that emerged in 2016, starting a subversive narrative to the status quo of São Paulo’s nightlife, enabling musical experimentation and enabling Latin and peripheral rhythms to find a point of convergence with the experimental and international electronic music scene. Alluding to the molds of information sharing in the early days of the internet, their audience shares the same interest in exploring what is most curious and new on music and demanding advances in previously established cultural trends.

MARSHA! is a sociocultural collective composed of trans people who have been enunciating restitution and prosperity of transgender LIFE, building affirmative actions for the LGBT community since 2018. In this pandemic context, the collective has held online festivals, the first of which took place on the 4th and 5th of April, and with that 42 thousand reais were collected through a collective financing campaign, with the purpose of distributing basic food baskets to the LGBT population, in a situation of social vulnerability and guaranteeing subsidies, for more than 50 LGBTQIA + artists, and the production of the festival. To date, more than 100 artists have passed through MARSHA! and more than 80 thousand reais of capital were redistributed among the LGBT population.


About the documentaries

«THIRD-WORLDISM» by Kelton Campos Fausto 






«MARSHA! Documentary»

The video brings scenes from the trajectory of the sociocultural collective composed of trans people who have been enunciating restitution and prosperity of transgender LIFE, building affirmative actions for the LGBT community since 2018.  To date, more than 100 artists have passed through MARSHA! and more than 80 thousand reais of capital were redistributed among the LGBT population.

About the lectures

«On the Divan at the End of the World» by TRANSÄLIEN and Paulete LindaCelva

TRANSÄLIEN, a visual multi-artist, curator and cultural producer who created the MARSHA! Collective, sits on «The Divan at the End of the World» for an unloading and outburst session about the current social and political scenario in Brazil. Together with the DJ and communicator Paulete Lindacelva, they present philosophical reflections and post-apocalyptic team strategies.

«Autonomous Witchcraft» by Meio da Terra

How to create a spell? The spell is the union of the visible with the invisible. World seams. Invention of possibilities. Different ways of walking where you want. If we are a source of energy, how can we manipulate that energy? How to take possession of our power? The spell as a space for the retaking of our forces. The spell as a way of meeting yourself. A skeleton to build a spell autonomously.

«Astrology as a Tool of Self-knowledge» by Papisa

If there is one thing that 2020 taught us, it is to deal with life in a more intense way than usual.

Our fears, desires, limits, dreams … Everything comes to light in the midst of a drastic context.

Think about it: At a time where our certainties are questionable, asking the right questions can be essential. Some tools are available to facilitate this abstract process and Astrology is one of them, after all, if nothing saves us from death, may self-knowledge save us from life.

Artists bios and links


The experimental artist from Rio de Janeiro but now residing in Berlin gained cultural relevance through her authorial songs and remixes. It covers a range of improbable rhythms and has become an internationally recognized exponent of Afrofuturism. Part of her evolution and intention as an artist is to shock and question, bringing a new vision to what we understand as «music», «art» and «genre». Always with a paradigmatic break approach, her work has a high content of emotion and sexuality.

Alexza Paraíso

This is the incredible story of the girl who, besides being perfect, is a loser, in search of a new world, where we can be sexyyy & fun! She is an actress, visual and digital artist, lives her life through:  beauty, cutie, peace, follow me, and keep smiling. The paradise is right there, you gotta do it, you gotta play.


First of all, AnalCancer is not strictly a brand, AC is a concept that brings together different media: videos, performance, scriptures, photographs, sculptures and installations….The project arose from a non-romantic relationship between two people, it is a space of total freedom, a celebration of life. «We are alive, we resist, we have fun».

Aun Helden

Aun Helden is a performer who works to denaturalize human perception, creating friction between human expectation and strangeness. His main language is the body, where he develops multimedia works in search of the materialization of these questions and his memories.


Born and raised in the city of São Paulo, Rafaela Andrade is the name behind the musical producer BADSISTA, who is collecting praise and gaining ground in the territory of bass music. Her musical ability leads the dance floor by various genres of electronic music, especially the peripheral genres, such as techno, Chicago house, Brazilian funk, and music of the global ghetto.


Travesty, black and marginalized, Cunanny 007 coming from the city of Guarulhos started her work with arts in 2010, writing poetry and songs for herself, and in 2016 decided to show her art to the world, participating in slam’s, where she also met her love for dance. Vogue came through her friends from the city, she danced alone for 3 years and started her contribution to Cultura Ballroom in 2019, by meeting Monster LaBeija, who asked her to joined the International House of LaBeija. today she researches in other arts how to show her reality, being self-taught and autonomous, she is working in audiovisual, modeling, and also rap.


He develops sensory environments through performance, sound, and image, with the agony, pain, and regrets caused by the system. Exploring to the extreme, the dangers, and risks of living in a non-normative way in our current society.


Between the hard and the soft, the high BPM and the ambient soundtracks, FKOFF explores the complexity of music playing with opposite genres and concepts. Often inserted in the horror aesthetics but not limited by it, the artist has released on several labels across the world.

Gabriel Massan

Gabriel Massan (Rio de Janeiro, 1996) lives in Berlin.. Bachelor in Social Communication from the State University of Minas Gerais (UEMG), Brazil. Also studied at Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage (EAV, Rio de Janeiro), Brazil. Since 2017 Gabriel has presented his research in digital art in galleries, fairs, institutions, and national and international festivals. In 2018, he began producing 3D prints for São Paulo Fashion Week, and signed 3D animations for Glamour Brazil, also featured online for Motorola, representing the new names of video art in Brazil. Resided at ETOPIA – Art and Technology Center in Zaragoza, Spain, in 2019, produced the immersive installation «EPT», where proximity sensors, augmented reality filters, and fabric painting, interacted in the same environment through multiple canvases and much more. The artist seeks to build narratives that use animated three-dimensional objects and augmented and/or virtual reality, permeating programming, sculpture, painting, and digital manipulation.

Irmãs Brasil

The shock of the languages of dance, theater, and performance composes their poetics: like a snake‘s tongue, the experimental practice of freedom that they build in their processes of creating the world is born from the encounter between the body and the questions that are urgent. They work with operations of images and signs to create deviations in heteronormative and colonial technologies.

Jade Maria Zimbra

Sorceress-tarologist-fortune teller, the artist scavengers traces lost outside time, investigator of antidotes for the colonial poisons spread through the mind-body-spirit, crossing the languages that permeate and guide her spirituality.

Jean Petra

Jean Petra is from Para, born in Icoaraci, and has lived for 10 months in São Paulo.  He is a visual artist and his works are reflected in emotions, memories and affective dreams. Manifested in photo-performances, using digital manipulations, creating scenarios in environments that mix the utopian with the dystopian, he talks to the surreal and to the fantasies, creating a world without compromise with what is real.


Kelton Campos is a multidisciplinary artist who produces and questions images, moving between painting, video, photo sound and performance.

Meio da Terra

Meliny Bevacqua is a travesty, mother, sorceress, tarot reader and multifaceted artist, working on studying nomadic spirituality, libertarian magic and the trans-sacred. LU is an astrologer, oraculist, writer, mother, post binary. Studied literature and currently works with astrology and oracles. Believes in the dream as a revolution and in magic as liberation.

Miss Tacacá

Miss Tacacá is an Amazonian travesty, she has been developing her work as a DJ bringing not only music but also representativeness of northern culture, with electrifying rhythms like tecnomelody, tecnobrega, eletrotecno and such. Also a producer of cultural events, audiovisual, actress and model, she came from Belém to São Paulo in 2017 and since then, she has been producing her projects and rocking wherever she goes.

Paulete LindaCelva

From Recife residing in São Paulo. Independent curator, DJ, visual artist and host’s in productions permeated by issues of race, gender disobedience and affirmation policies.


Astrology, art, music, esotericism, memes and parties. These micro universes merge and help to form the enigmatic personality of Papisa, the pseudonym of Tati Lisbon. Cancer with ascendant in Aquarium and moon in Pisces, she knows that her missions involve self-knowledge, well-being and autonomy. Papisa is one of the few recognized black astrologers in Brazil and that is where the bid to combine a sense of community, structural issues and ancestral knowledge with the facilities of the internet comes in.


Natural from Pernambuco but living in São Paulo for the past 10 years, the DJ and multidisciplinary artist Eduardo Pininga, is a living result of the sound mix of what the two Brazilian regions have to offer. His unpredictable sets mix genres such as trance, house and hip-hop, with Latin and local rhythms, such as funk, reggaeton, tecnobrega, and maracatu, offering an exemplary snapshot of what it means to grow up in Recife’s multi-cultural carnival and its annual frantic mixture of peoples and rhythms.


Born in Barra Mansa, interior of Rio de Janeiro, began his artistic search with street art, where he met and built his clown. Soon he study performing arts, where he produced and staged the itinerant show Nasce uma Cidade (A city is Born) and other independent productions. At the age of 18, he moved to the state capital and specialized in theater, circus, dance and performance. In 2016 he participated in BH VOGUE FEVER, beginning his search with the culture of the ballroom. He traveled through Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay sharing experiences with local artists. Upon arriving at the triple border with Brazil, in the city of Foz do Iguaçu, he founded the collective Aranha Verde (@aranhaverde) joining with other LGBTQIA+ South American artists, developing workshops, performances, events, conversation circles and cultural activities in general. He currently lives in São Paulo, where he continues to move between the possibilities of his body, gender and multilinguistic.


The sound project SCAPA is represented by the B2B between DJs and music producers Libra and Anti. Anti is from Sergipe and is an audiovisual researcher. Libra is an Olinda audiovisual artist and her sound identity is recognized by her fluid and dancing compilations. The collapse of both sound researches builds an energetic and unexpected atmosphere based on broken percussive and bass rhythms. The vocals bring references to sex-dissident productions and funk MCs between electronic genres such as techno, vogue and afrobeat.


Ana Giselle, from Pernambuco, is a multi-visual artist, cultural producer, curator, body-spectacle, creator of the MARSHA! collective and articulator of the rights of trans and travestis in Brazil. She is also the person who gives life to TRANSÄLIEN, a hybrid post-human identity of a foreigner and a transsexual that resignifies the mistaken assumptions of abjection before society, transforming her existence into artistic and political power.


Trinitas is the love of three witches, from which spells were born stronger than those that the earth had prophesied, spells of union, connection and affection, of strengthening our protections and claiming everything they took from us. Audre, Carmen and Yris, protected by darkness, stand in harmonic charm based on the strength of all the elements, which in a sublime conciliation merged with matter and virtue, channeling through each movement the restitution that the earth cries out for its daughters. Our charms will reverberate for centuries until the last stone on this planet is destroyed.

Ventura Profana & Podeserdesligado

Here is the plan of salvation: Build and sow life, plant for eternity. We dispute, through the terrain of faith, the right over our existences, in novelty, abundance and fullness of life. Guided by the spirit of Deize, we paraded splendidly above the waters of the dead sea, breaking with the ordeal. We disallow and remove your power over our dreams, desires, bodies and trajectories. Conducted in the deep spiritual waters, we bathe in faith with songs that prepare in seasoning armor and power, our ~ souls ~ bodies ~ earth ~ for war against the cruel and colonial rule of the lords, who for centuries, mocked and killed us. With prophetic songs of victory and enchantment, we curb the necropolitical and bleaching plan of condemnation of the devourer. We drew flaming swords and accurately hit the arrow in the enemy’s head. TRAQUEJOS PENTECOSTAIS PARA MATAR O SENHOR (PENTECOSTAL WORKS TO KILL THE LORD) is the result of the holy combination of praises ~ ministrations of VENTURA PROFANA and the saturated touch~beat of shofar and drum of PODESERDESLIGADO, which invokes the breath to resurrect and opportunity for restitution, in the black, trans ~ travesty, original congregation.