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Incidencias Sonoras IN/OUT Festival 05.09

17h30 CO
18h30 CL – BO
19h30 AR-BR-UY
00h30 CH

Ana Ruiz Valencia



17h30 CO
18h30 CL – BO
19h30 AR-BR-UY
00h30 CH

Union and Cultural Exchange in Times of Social Isolation

«Conexão RosetiAudio RebelLatino Power» is the joining of forces of three music venues that work with advanced, experimental, and improvisational music, from three countries in South America, through three live online improv sessions, gathering artists from the 3 countries. In the educational part of the project, the venue’s founding partners will have a conversation about the emergence of the respective cultural spaces, and the current challenges in their management in times of pandemic.

Respectively from Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Bogota, Roseti, Audio Rebel and Latino Power, are recognized for their intense schedules and exquisite attractions, sharing a long history of supporting local and international artists. Innovating, betting on the avant-garde, and giving space to authentic contemporary artists and authors, who reinvent their traditions and languages, is a brand that unites these venues, in addition to being attentive to the diversity of gender, identity, and cultures.

Roseti (2015) born as a space for training, research, and exhibition, within the performing and musical arts. The artistic direction and executive production of the venue is in charge of the brothers Juan and Matías Coulasso. Throughout these intense 5 years of life, the space has hosted all kinds of proposals and artistic projects, developed by outstanding artists, from the local and international scene. Throughout the week, hundreds of students pass through Roseti taking regular classes in acting, stage creation, staging, contemporary dance, physical training, and dramaturgy. In parallel, the space hosts companies that rehearse their shows. On weekends, Roseti is transformed into an exhibition space for bands and plays, dance, and performances.

Operating since 2005, Audio Rebel has already received great names in national and international music, such as the legends of punk Ian Mackaye and Joe Lally (Fugazi); great national jazz musicians, such as Hélio Delmiro and Idriss Boudrioua; international jazz icons such as Peter Brötzmann, Paal Nilssen-Love (The Thing), Frode Gjerstad, Matana Roberts and Peter Evans; of experimental music from Indonesia, with Senyawa; from Japan, with Tatsuya Yoshida and Otomo Yoshihide; names of Brazilian music like Arto Lindsay, Jards Macalé, Jorge Mautner, and Arrigo Barnabé; rappers like Emicida, and Projota, and the new Brazilian popular music of Passo Torto, Negro Leo, Ava Rocha, Metá Metá, Juçara Marçal, Siba, Cidadão Instigado and many others.

Like many projects, this history started with the end of another. When Piso3, a stage that became a pioneer in the support of the emerging bands in the underground of the Colombian capital, reached its end, the scene stayed quite orphan for a couple of years until a new dream was born. Latino Power is a room for concerts placed in Bogotá that can host about four hundred people. The project came true in 2010 and from the beginning aimed to give place to the new Colombian music. The idea has always been to have a space with great sound and good service to the attendance. Since July 2010 every week the venue has proposed concerts giving place to different music genres as electronic, hip hop, rock, Latin, but especially Colombian music. Latino Power is also one of the few stages that have served as a stand for some European bands from France, Switzerland, Spain, and so on.


Ana Maria Ruiz (CO), Jose M. Hernandez (AR) and Luisa Lemgruber (BR)

Carlos Quebrada (AR), Kike Mendoza (CO) and Thomas Harres (BR) 

Ana Maria Romano (CO), Carola Zelaschi (AR) and Marcos Campello (BR) 

Artists bios and links

Ana María Romano (Colombia) is a composer and sound artist. Her interest in sound exploration took her to areas where sounds and silences are common.

Ana Ruiz Valencia (Colombia) is a violin player who is based in Bogota and Medellin. Her work includes a wide range of references including noise, free improvisation, and the western classical tradition.

Carlos Quebrada (Argentina) is a bassist and composer who also runs the experimental electronics and extended voice project Genosidra.

Carola Zelaschi (Argentina) is a musician, composer, arranger and producer, drummer from Blanco Teta, Lucy Patané, Tomás Aristimuño and Kaleema.

Kike Mendoza (Colombia) is a composer, guitar player improviser, teacher, and cultural manager, that occupies a central place in Bogotá’s experimental music scene.

Luisa Lemgruber (Brazil) is a sound artist. Her research revolves around the fragility of landscapes and the relationship between nature and society.

Marcos Campello (Brazil) is a composer, musician, arranger, and producer. Master in Composition by UFRJ. Follow the singer Ava Rocha .

Thomas Harres (Brazil) is a drummer and percussionist, accompanies musicians such as Gilberto Gil, Céu, and Negro Leo.

Jose M. Hernandez (Argentina) Half of the project ÑÑÑÑ, a cult band of electronic experimental music in the Argentinian underground, Jose M. Hernandez with the solo project XNIDAAAA concentrates attention on the sound design and chaotic broken rhythms, liquefying them with IDM, hip-hop, ambient, drone, noise, electronic, narcotic landscapes, psychedelia, wandering melodies, and tonal vertigo.

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