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Incidencias Sonoras IN/OUT Festival 04.09

16h CO
17h CL – BO
18h AR-BR-UY
23h CH



16h CO
17h CL – BO
18h AR-BR-UY
23h CH

CMC — Ciclo de Música Contemporânea
Edbrass Brasil
Leonardo França
Ricardo Aleixo
Candai Calmon

Black Experimentalism

«EXP_7 Flechas» is an inter-media performance involving sound art, improvisation, poetry, and movement recorded on video. In the world context of pandemic and serious social problems, in the case of Brazil, the work will explore the possibilities of shared and remote creation among peripheral artists, having as a trigger the idea of inside\outside, in relation to the environments in which the performers are found (home versus natural environment) and associated with the ideas of belonging\non-belonging to the hegemonic culture environments. 5 artists from multiple backgrounds will use as references, botany, and Afro-Brazilian and indigenous religions, in their daily dimension understood as resistance, since it is inseparable from life, nature, and spatiality.

CMC is an annual cycle of contemporary music associated with the production company Low Fi – Processos Criativos, which has been working since 2013, promoting exchanges between Brazil and the world. One of CMC’s goals is the insertion of the City of Salvador, which holds the title of «City of Music» (UNESCO – 2015), in the national and international live show circuit, especially the one dedicated to  contemporary sound and visual arts in an innovative way. CMC has in its history partnerships with international institutions such as Goethe Institute (Germany – Brazil), Pro Helvetia (Switzerland), Spedidam (FR), French Ministry of Culture, and Coax Collectif (France), Harmonipan (USA), Flotar (MEX), Maritime College State University of New York, and nationals like Vila Sul Artistic Residency, Sacatar Institute, Pracatum Institute, Rumpillezinho Project, CFA (Funceb Arts Training Center), UFRB and UFBA.

Artists bios and links

Ricardo Aleixo   (1960, Brazil, Belo Horizonte) is a poet, essayist, editor, visual artist, sound designer, singer, composer, and performer. His poetry shows a concern with formal research and inter-media experimentation, and approaches concrete poetry and the avant-garde movements of the early 20th century, such as Dadaism and Russian Cubo-Futurism, as well as the many sound art tendencies and free jazz. Ricardo Aleixo  has been awarded many prizes including the 2010 «Prêmio Literatura Para Todos». In the same year, he received the Petrobras Cultural Fellowship for his book of poems «Modelos Vivos».

Candai Calmon  (Brazil, Salvador-BA) is a black feminist woman from an urban quilombola community. A professional dancer and educator, she has been working in the field of dance for 18 years, where she obtained an artistic education in Brazil and abroad, focusing on contemporary dance in her most Afro-referential, decolonial southern and feminist practices. Calmon holds a BA in Gender and Diversity Studies from the Federal University of Bahia, and a master’s degree in dance from the same institution. She is currently developing the CorpoTerritório Dance Project, in which she articulates the knowledge of quilombola communities, dance, and local memory.

Sound is the foundation of Bartira ’s (Brazil, Salvador-BA) artistic practice. Initially media-based, her practice relies on repetition and the unpredictability of faulty equipment. She has developed installations and worked in collaboration with other artists to create sonic immersive experiences drawing from Brazilian indigenous mythology, e-waste, and diasporic aesthetic references in the context of digital cultures.

Leonardo França   (Brazil, Salvador-BA) is a performing artist who deconstructs the classical mode of production. In his shattered way of work, he assumes different positions as a director, dancer, actor, and performer. His creations gain multiple configurations such as spectacles, installations, object-books, songs, and short films. His artistic researches have already been financed by the Rumos Dance 2012/2013 Award, by the Klauss Vianna FUNARTE Award, and has also been nominated for the Bravo Award in 2016, for the best dance show of the year with «Looping: Bahia Overdub». He has already been part of artistic residences in Brazil, Portugal, and Germany.

Edbrass Brasil   is a sound artist, improviser, and researcher based in Salvador, Bahia. Through the production company Low Fi – Processos Criativos, and the record label Sê-Lo! Netlabel, Edbrass Brasil  is also a producer and active organizer in the fields of experimental music in Salvador, where he has developed an intense exchange with musicians and artists from across Brazil and the world. In his artistic practice, he investigates the manipulation and collage of recordings and samples, coupled with the use of unconventional wind instruments, with an emphasis on free improvisation and microtonal music. His fresh music with tubes and leaves, brings a specific «ancient» Brazilian flavor to his live performances.