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Incidencias Sonoras IN/OUT Festival 04.09

14H CO
15H CL – BO
21H CH



14H CO
15H CL – BO
21H CH

The Chilean ethnomusicologist and researcher Agustín Ruiz will carry out 2 interlinked  activities about the application of ethnomusicology to the social communities in Chile: a history talk of the organilleros and chinchineros, and a discussion – «From Social Marginality to Cultural Heritage: the recent transition from an old trade» – with the chinchineros community who have seen their ability to work on the streets lost due to the pandemic.

Organillo is a street instrument that can be played with the feet with an automatic mechanical pneumatic organ. A Chinchinero is an urban street performer in Chile who plays a bass drum-type percussion instrument with long drumsticks strapped to his back which also involves a rope with a noose tied around the performer’s foot to play the cymbals which also form part of this improvised instrument.

Acéfalo Records is a production label and company, created in 2001 by the Chilean musician Luis Toto Alvarez. After initially publishing its own projects, the company went on to collaborate with other artists and also to develop projects, productions, tours, residencies and the Acéfalo Festival.


«Ethnomusicology and Social Commitment»

Lecture by Agustín Ruiz and ICTM Chile

Leonardo Diaz Collao

Jacob Rekedal

Javier Silva Zurita

Ignacio Soto Silva


«From Social Marginality to Cultural Heritage: the recent transition from an old trade»

Corporación Cultural Organilleros de Chile

Manuel Lizana , Omar Chávez y María José Peralta

Moderator: Agustín Ruiz

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