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Incidencias Sonoras IN/OUT Festival 03.09

16h CO
17h CL – BO
18h AR-BR-UY
23h CH



16h CO
17h CL – BO
18h AR-BR-UY
23h CH


09h CO
10h CL – BO
11h AR-BR-UY
16h CH

Presented by SOCO Festival and Territorio Específico, «Expedición en la Bahía Electromagnética» is divided in two pieces, a video essay and a workshop.

«Rules for Walking in the Post-Human World» is a 45-minute video essay based on pre-pandemic walks around the bay of Montevideo, imaginary cartographies, and found footage, from confinement, to imagine some positions from which to go out and experience a post-human and post-industrial world. Sound thickness and dark ecology of machines and contaminated water.

 «Sensory Survival Kit and How to Use It» is a virtual workshop, and a proposal of DIY exercises, designed to build a survival kit to experience the post-world lockdown. The craft kit consists of a hydrophone, an electromagnetic microphone, and a radio receiving erratic signals; a kit to go for a walk to the territories, listen to the invisible landscapes, and be able to re-enter and re-experience the world when the closure is over.

SOCO Festival is an international music festival dedicated not only to contemporary electronic, digital and experimental music, but also to a broad range of activities that combine art, design and technology, under the common underlying connection to sound. One of its main objectives is to strengthen the relationship between art, music, and ideas, positioning Uruguay within a regional and global context. It seeks to disseminate and spread the democratic values that are inherent in experimental music, and its associated artistic practices.

Formed by Pilar Gonzalez, Cristian Espinoza and Pol VIllasuso, Território Específico  is a meeting of artists, of contemporary art practices, that revolves around the individual question of post-humanism, and the territorial question of post-industry and neo-extractivism; pointing out the silent edges (internal and external) of the territory of Montevideo, as radical and unexplored spaces, in which a group of Latin American artists together with students and citizens, will carry out explorations and signs, with the horizon of dark ecologies, and the impact of the collision, between the global and the local, in this metropolitan node.

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