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Incidencias Sonoras IN/OUT Festival 02.09

17h CO
18h CL – BO
19h AR-BR-UY
00h CH



17h CO
18h CL – BO
19h AR-BR-UY
00h CH

Espacio de Reflexión

«Modular» brings together the 8 members of Ensamble Tropi, 6 young composers, and a visual artist, who will creatively explore virtual communication and its possibilities of demonstration, and audiovisual projection. In this way, the Ensamble will present 6 video works specially commissioned for this project to 6 composers, between 24 and 30 years old, from various provinces and geographic regions of the Argentine Republic. Each work will be complemented by a visual narrative by Ramiro Iturríoz, through slogans and common tools. The music will modulate towards the visual universe and its natures, challenging and resignifying each other in a single virtual space. Apart from the videos, Ensamble Tropi will present a debate to reflect on the realities of the region, in relation to composition, musical performance, and the inclusion of new virtual tools. Sound art, in its vital need for projection, crosses screens, cables, and the internet. Virtuality is a tool and never an end in itself: it does not replace the presential, temporal, and spatial nature of the live concert.

Composers invited:

Franco Bridarolli 28 yrs. Córdoba Province

Horace Bravo 26 yrs. Jujuy province

Matías Ocarez 24 yrs. Ina Huapi, Río Negro Province

Luz Pérez 30 yrs.  Oran, Argentine Northwest

Manuel Valverde 26 yrs. Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

Manuel Esteban Zamar 28 yrs. Province of Salta

Video art: Ramiro Iturrioz, Neuquén Province


Ensamble Tropi is a chamber music ensemble, focused on new music repertoire – spanning from Argentinean and Latin-American to International. It originated in 2008, and since then, it has consolidated as one of the main contemporary music ensembles from Argentina, recognized both by the audience and the specialized press, as well as developing an international projection. Ensamble Tropi also encourages and embraces the production of emerging composers through permanent commissions. Versatility is one of the outstanding traits of the ensemble, actively interacting with new technologies, chamber opera, instrumental theater, as well as other performing arts, besides traditional concert settings.



Ensamble Tropi:


Musical Direction: Haydée Schvartz

Executive Direction/ Flute: Sebastián Tellado

Clarinet: Constancia Moroni

Violin: Florencia Ciaffone

Cello: Alejandro Becerra

Guitar: Manuel Moreno

Piano: Malena Levi

Percussion: Juan Denari