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«Public Voices»  at Parque de La Memória (Argentina)

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Interview with Griselda Flesler and Laura Pregger
Public Voices s website

Director: Griselda Flesler
Latin America Coordinator: Violeta García
Switzerland Coordinator Laura Pregger
Editor: Celeste Rojas Mugica

Collectives/ Artists
Carolina Guerra Filippini and Andrea Ghuisolfi (UY)
Celeste Rojas Mugica, Cepams and Emilia Martin (CL)
Lorena Lira (PE/MX)
Carla Melo (CO)
Bien Cerca (PY)
and Tina Reden, Caroline Ann Baur, Riikka Tauriainen and Vanessà Heer (CH) 


How does it feel to take public space?
What does change if you are able to speak up?
What does it mean to embody and share such moments of manifestation collectively and individually?
How can we document these moments?
Can we learn from each other?
Who is addressed in the manifestation? Who is excluded?
Which bodies and voices are missing and why?

Arising from those questions, «Public Voices» narrates the search for the cultural and sound heritage of the songs, cries, and whispers that run through feminist manifestations in Latin America and Switzerland, establishing a platform for exchange between voices from different countries through shared experiences on the pubic space; a territory in dispute that must be permanently delimited 

Altogether, these sound recordings form not only an intangible cultural heritage but also devices that produce community and collective encounter that crosses the borders of the countries in a constant movement of exchange. 

In its first installment at the Parque de la Memoria in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the audiovisual piece brings together works from artists and collectives from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Suiza.

“We are convinced that the feminist movement has no barriers, but we do not forget the particularities and inequalities that exist between regions. Latin America is made up of many regions with diverse cultures and traditions, and in Switzerland, the different cantons and migratory movements also pose scenarios of diversity and inequality. However, we are very aware that we are talking about completely different realities in socio-economic terms and we are interested in seeing how this manifests itself in the appropriations of public space. That is why we propose to exchange experiences, knowledge related to artistic practices, and activists related to public space and documentation”. – PV!

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