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Sound art

«#rosetiencasa» (Argentina)

© Feldermelder

Bringing together artists and performers that are a part of the history of Roseti, #rosetiencasa is a series of online encounters on the Performing and Musical Arts.

In the performance area, we will cross two Swiss artists with two Argentineans, through virtual meetings called Pandemic Zone: Simon Senn with Emilio Garcia Wehbi moderated by Federico Irazabal and Nicole Seiler with Diana Szeinblum moderated by Barbara Hang.

In the music area, we will cross two independent labels, OUS (CH) and TVL REC (Arg), and each one will present an artist, Manuel Oberholzer(Fendermelder) and Victoria Barca (Vic Bang), they will make a Meeting in Streaming with Matias Coulasso, presenting a Solo Set and having an interview with him. After that, they will make a Collaboration EP that will be released in March 2021 by both labels, by an event in Radio CASo (Sound Art Center of Argentina).

Roseti cultural space is a site of training, research, and exhibition within the Performing and Musical Arts. It has received recognition and support from ARTEI, PROTEATRO, INT, and INAMU.


24/10/2020 to 9/11/2020

14/11/2020 to 30/11/2020

12/12/2020 to 28/12/2020

ROSETI by Alternativa Teatral


Radio CASo
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Manuel Oberholzer (FELDERMELDER): is a Swiss musician, sound designer, producer and installation  artist. Co founder of – Encor.Studio. Co founder of Shutter Music and OUS Records
 “the lost art of  keeping a secret.”

OUS: is a new label based in Zurich and Milano for wonderfully crafted, electronic music ranging from  electronica, over bass-infected beats and deconstructed techno to experimental pop.  The first infectious release came from Swiss veteran producer Bit-Tuner in December 2015. The new  year will bring the vicious debut LP by IOKOI, an ablum by tortuous electronic producer  FELDERMELDER and a delirious 7”-series with works by SENKING, Hirsch&Eigner.

Victoria Barca (VIC BANG): is the solo project of Buenos Aires based artist Victoria Barca. Vic marshals  miniature sounds, impossibly crisp samples, synthesis, micro-melodies and eclectic rhythms to cultivate  a tiny and organic chaos. Victoria has released her first album under the Vic Bang alias, ​”Blop”​, through  Abyss label. Her second album ​“Lira” is out on Kit records (UK) in cassette format, this year.

TVL REC: is a South American digital label based in Buenos Aires, dedicated to the production of  experimental and improvised music. It was founded in 2017 by Violeta García (Argentina), Carlos  Quebrada Vásquez (Colombia) and Camilo Ángeles (Peru). The label has more than forty releases from the most representative artists of the South American underground music scene.

RADIO CASo: is the project of streaming audio 24hs of the Center of Sonorous Art of the Ministry of  Culture of the Nation (Arg). Radio CASo seeks to spread and to promote different expressions of the  experimental music, the contemporary music and the sonorous art.

Federico Irazábal: has a degree in Arts from the University of Buenos Aires. He teaches, researches and  criticizes theatre. He is the artistic director of the Buenos Aires International Festival, as well as  publishing his articles in the
La Nación newspaper and of being the director of Funámbulos magazine.

Emilio Garcia Wehbi: He is an interdisciplinary artist working in the crossover of different scenic  languages. Since 1989 -year in which he founds El Periférico de Objetos, a paradigmatic group in the  experimental and independent Argentinean scene- up to these days, he has become a prominent  theatre director, régissuer, performer, visual artist and teacher.

Simon Senn: At first sight, Simon Senn’s work sometimes gives the impression that he is a socially  engaged artist speaking out against a certain type of injustice. However, his work reveals a more  ambiguous approach. Even though to a certain extent it is primarily based on reality, there is always a  layer of fiction that is interposed. Simon Senn (born in 1986) lives in Geneva.

Barbara Hang: Choreographer and dancer. She co-founded the label Acá No Hay Delivery (Bs.As.-  Berlin) under which she explores ways of creating and producing choreographic projects. She was a  scholarship holder of UNESCO, Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas, DanceWeb and finished the  Master in Scenic Practice and Visual Culture at UCLM/Museo Reina Sofía.

Diana Szeinblum: is a dancer and choreographer. She studied at the Folkwang Tanz Schule (Germany)  where she later joined the company FTS with artistic direction by Pina Bausch. As a choreographer, she travels the performance and scenic arts with works such as Secreto and Malibú (2000), Alaska (2007),  Una cosa por vez (2013), Adentro! (2016). Her works have been invited to festivals and theatres in  America, Europe and Asia.

Nicole Seiler: She studied dance and theater at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri in Verscio (CH), the Vlaamse  Dansacadamie in Bruges (BE) and at Rudra Béjart in Lausanne (CH). As a performer she collaborated in the creation of numerous works with companies such as Cie Buissonnière (Philippe Lizon), le Teatro  Malandro (Omar Porras), as well as other companies abroad.  She founded her company in 2002 in Lausanne

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