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«The hand is a lonely hunter» – Katja Brunner at «PROYECTO PRISMA

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Proyecto Prisma
Katja Brunner

In its first presentation at Teatro del Puente [CL], «The hand is a lonely hunter» by Swiss author Katja Brunner, makes an urgent and poetic call for solidarity, beyond standardizations. The 4-episode sound fiction places itself as an apolyphonic declaration of war against all hegemony of the interpretation and ideals of femininity, testifying to the insufficiencies and wounds of resignation and withdrawal to a place without words.

«The hand is a lonely hunter» is part of the «PROYECTO PRISMA» collection, curated and produced by Malena Solda and Valeria Kovadloff. The initiative proposes the reflection and dissemination, from a gender perspective, through the production of fiction, diffusion of texts, and debates carried out by specialists in virtual multimedia format, showing different dynamics and ways of interacting in the face of such a significant and relevant topic for everyone.

«The hand is a lonely hunter» will be presented on March 20.

About Katja Brunner 

Katja Brunner was born in 1991 in Zurich, Switzerland. She studied creative and scenic writing at the Biel Institute for Literature, at the University of Bern, and at the University of the Arts in Berlin. In 2010, the Winkelwiese Theatre in Zurich premiered her first play, «Too Short a Leg», a risky and radical writing in around child abuse. The play won the Mülheim Drama Prize, the most important award for German-language dramatic writing, at the German premiere of the play by the Hanover State Theatre. Translated into Spanish by Carla Imbrogno, «Too Short a Leg» was staged over five years in Mexico City, Madrid, Santiago, and Buenos Aires. In 2013, the German magazine Theater heute chose Katja Brunner as that year’s revelation playwright. For her entire body of work, Brunner received awards, including the Zurich Culture Promotion Award. She was also resident author at the Lucerne Theatre, a scholarship holder at the Berlin Literary Colloquium and, in 2017, she premiered a play at the Schauspielhaus Zürich. Her latest performative text, «The Hand is a Lonely Hunter», is an appeal to the multiplicity and diversity of female bodies, and a polyphonic declaration of war on any hegemony of performance. The original in German premiered in 2019 at the Volksbühne Theatre in Berlin.