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Call for Applications

«Call for Applications: What do we translate?» – Looren América Latina Virtual Residency

Looren residency in 2016 ©Anina-Lehmann

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Residency coordination: Guilherme Gontijo Flores, Rodrigo Olavarría and Carla Imbrogno.

Kindly supported by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia South America.

In alliance with Specimen – The Babel Review of Translations.

Call for applications: Spanish / Portuguese

Looren América Latina is receiving applications for its virtual residency aimed at translators and editors of poetry and short forms from the region.

Application deadline: 1 June 2021

As with poetry, other short forms of literary expression – letters, diary entries, manifestos, fragments, songs, aphorisms, pamphlets – circulate through less ostentatious channels than those of the big publishing market. In fact, alternative ways of translating and sharing literature have always sought ways of making themselves public; and old dichotomies like analogue versus digital or local versus global have lost relevance, granting space to expansive collaborative practices. But what voices are we endorsing and why now in Latin America? What bodies, territories, memories, identities, ideas of the present or projects of the future are we making public in our own languages? What outlooks, what utopias of what world? By means of which platforms and distribution networks? How are our strategies of translation and publication being reinvented?

Within the context of the pandemic, Looren América Latina conceived a virtual collective residency: an international platform that brings together Latin American translators and independent editors who work with poetry and other literary short forms and puts them in touch with authors, translators and cultural stakeholders in Switzerland. Through an open call and a selection, the platform will work both as a seismograph and an incubator for translation and publishing projects. Relationships will be developed with literary magazines and the work of the participants will be introduced in activities open to the general public. In addition, the Swiss digital magazine Specimen will publish a multilingual dossier with a selection of pieces resulting from the work on the platform.