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«To-gather» International Collaboration – FAQs

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What type of partners are eligible to apply?

Individual artists and cultural practitioners (curators, promoters, organisers, etc.) as well as collectives and organisations (institutions, festivals, platforms, etc.) active in the arts and culture field.

Can I apply if I am a student, or the project is part of an academic curriculum?

No, students are not eligible to apply. Pro Helvetia does not support projects that are part of a school or university curriculum/basic training, or continuing education programme closed to the public.

What nationalities are eligible to apply?

We do not assess the nationality of applicants. However, partners must be recognised as active practitioners in the art and cultural field of Switzerland or an eligible country from the liaison office regions to apply (please refer to the list of liaison office regions and associated countries).

I have an international collaboration proposal including Swiss partners, but I am not based/active in a liaison office region. Can I still apply?

No, this call is open to cultural practitioners who are active in the cultural and artistic scenes of Switzerland and the countries covered by the liaison offices (please refer to the list of liaison office regions and associated countries). You do not need to be a permanent resident or a passport holder of an eligible country. It is however essential that you are recognised as an active practitioner in the art scenes of either Switzerland or an eligible country from the liaison office regions to apply.

Can a project include partners in countries other than Switzerland and those in the liaison office regions?

Yes, but Pro Helvetia funding will only be allocated to partners active in Switzerland and the countries of the liaison office regions.

Is there an age limit for applicants?


Is a reference needed to apply?


I have an existing project that meets all the criteria. Is it eligible?

Yes, as long as there are planned activities for at least another two years.

Can I apply for a filmmaking grant?

No. Filmmaking is not covered by Pro Helvetia’s mandate.

When should my proposed project take place?

Two-year project should take place before the end of 2024. Three-year projects can take place until the end of 2025.

I have a project idea but do not yet have confirmed partners in Switzerland/countries in the liaison office regions? Can I still apply?

Unfortunately, incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications must be complete and define all partners in detail at the time of submission.

What disciplines are included in this call?

The call encompasses all disciplines that are supported by Pro Helvetia: design, interactive media, literature, music, performing arts, visual arts and architecture as well as projects that combine multiple disciplines both within and beyond the arts.

Can I apply for support through this open call for a project that is already supported through another Pro Helvetia open call/grant?



Can Pro Helvetia cover 100% of the funding for the project?

Yes. However, every partner is expected to invest according to their abilities (financial, spaces, programming, accommodation, meals, network, visibility, advice, etc.) These investments should be declared and explained. Institutions who have the possibility to invest financially (and not only in kind), are expected to do so.

Do I need to provide an expense sheet?

Yes, an expense sheet will be part of the reporting requirements to Pro Helvetia at various review/funding moments during the project cycle. Payment of the grant will be made in tranches against reporting of actual expenses which should be supported by receipts.

Am I entitled to receive funding for subsequent projects emerging from the project supported through this call?

No, the grants awarded through this call only cover the projects/activities outlined in the proposal and which take place during the project period. Pro Helvetia is under no obligation to finance follow-on projects, subsequent developments, etc. However, any meaningful follow-on project can be submitted as a new request for support and will be assessed by Pro Helvetia in line with any other application.

Will any new concepts, formats or methodologies developed in a project belong to Pro Helvetia?

No, all intellectual property rights belong to the project partners.


Can a partner submit more than one application?

No, only one application per partner is accepted. However, it is possible for a partner to take part in several projects.

Must my application be in English?

Yes. Only applications in English will be accepted.

Can I submit an application by email?

No, all applications must be made via the online portal myprohelvetia.ch (if you do not already have a myprohelvetia.ch user account you will first need to create one to be able to apply to this open call).

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Questions should be addressed to the relevant liaison office for the region that your project relates to. If your project relates to more than one region, you can choose an office to contact.

How and when will I know if my proposal was successful?

Applicants will be communicated with before the end of December 2021.

Upcoming maintenance work

The application portal myprohelvetia will be updated from 1.1.-7.1.2024. Due to these changes, open applications must be finalized and submitted via the current online portal (myprohelvetia.ch) by the latest 23:59 on 31 December 2023. Until this date, the deadlines and criteria outlined in the current guidelines and calls for applications apply. New applications can be created and submitted in the application portal as of 8 January 2024.