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Call for Applications

South America: What are we translating? Collective residency 2024!

Looren Latin America invites South American literary translators to participate in a residency at Translation House Looren in Switzerland.

The open call «South America: What are we translating? Collective residency 2024!» is aimed at South American professional literary translators who have at least one translated and published book, and who have a translation project of any language and literary genre into Spanish, Portuguese or any indigenous language, with the intention of being published.

The residency will take place from 1 to 29 February 2024.

Applications must be submitted by 25 September 2023.

  • airfare to Switzerland
  • a one-month stay at the Translation House Looren, Switzerland
  • mobility pass
  • a financial support grant of 1500 Swiss francs

Special attention will be given to applications from people who show interest in deepening links with colleagues in the region and who are working on translation projects related to Switzerland or Swiss languages, or who are broadly related to the questions posed by the call (not exclusive):

From what languages and what territories are we translating in Latin America? What voices are we transposing, and why and for what purpose now? What bodies, memories, ideas of the present or projects for the future are we making public in our languages? What gazes, what utopias of what world?

The group will have two introductory virtual meetings. Once in Switzerland, each participant will be free to work on their translation. In addition, they will take part in a programme of activities and a weekly forum to discuss projects and aspects related to editorial and professional policies.

This project is carried out by the Looren Latin America programme, with the support of Pro Helvetia South America, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Argentina and under the sponsorship of the Swiss Embassies in the region.