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Pro Helvetia promotes artistic and cultural collaboration between South America and Switzerland, acting as a link between cultural projects from Switzerland and local promoters, initiating co-productions with cultural practitioners and organising residencies for artists.

All applications for projects between Switzerland and South America must be submitted through the application portal myprohelvetia. We recommend you to get in contact with the local agent before applying.


Residencies allow for greater interaction between artists and the contexts where Pro Helvetia South America works. This format provides the necessary time for research and for the emergence of new collaborations. Pro Helvetia South America supports residencies in South America and Switzerland, of varying durations, developed for a specific artist or connected to an existing platform.

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Research Trips

To test new forms of international collaboration, Pro Helvetia South America supports research trips of Swiss professionals to South America and of South American professionals to Switzerland. These are experiences aimed to generating mutual interest, in order to facilitate the emergence of new projects that talk to the focus of the liaison office and which Pro Helvetia South America can support within the framework of its available capacity.

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Through supporting the circulation of Swiss works, Pro Helvetia South America strives to contribute to the internationalization of cultural scenes from South America and Switzerland. It is important for the supported projects to be invited by programmers, platforms, editors or curators from South America, ensuring local relevance. For this to be possible, Pro Helvetia South America organizes research trips for professionals to become better acquainted with Switzerland’s artistic production.

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Knowledge sharing

Pro Helvetia South America intends to establish strong networks to enable a basis for future collaborations. In addition to supporting creative projects, it aims to foster the exchange of knowledge between Swiss and South American creative professionals. This knowledge exchange can happen in the form of participation to seminars, workshops or in less conventional formats. The important thing is that they arise from and respond to joint requests and interests from Swiss and South American professionals.

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