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Alice Oechslin

Brazil | Music


Alice Oechslin proposes a residency in Belém do Pará, in the north of Brazil, where they plan to meet artists who work on the subject of queer love and the local music scene. The residency is part of the research for the piece «Lune de Mel» in collaboration with the Brazilian artist Mayara Yamada, where their alter egos Milla Pluton a Swiss countryside dyke and Marara Kelly the enchanted being from the Brazilian Amazon Forest clash their landscapes and culture to stage their self-fictionalized honeymoon journey. The project aims to bring Alice to the heart of the cultural codes with which Mayara Yamada works in her artistic practice: myths, landscape, and discursive elements of the place where she herself grew up – the Brazilian Amazon.

Alice Oechslin is a transdisciplinary Swiss artist based in Geneva, graduated from art school HEAD. Through their music and performative work, Alice develops research around the representation of the queer community in the countryside, by revisiting the rural landscapes of their native village through the prism of fiction, questioning it, and putting in light the non-binary and fluid character of all sorts of living beings found in their countryside. This work takes shape under fictional narratives of dykes of the fields. Their artistic practice is transdisciplinary, combining performance, puppet theatre, writing, video, and music. They also lead the intergalactic pop music project Milla Pluton, signed to Cheptel Records; they are the drummer of the performative project Fulmine too. In the field of theatre, with Compagnie Pluton, they created two performatives plays: «Les Aventures de Béatrix et Milla Pluton» and «Horizon Pluton». Cie Pluton won first place in the PREMIO 2022 prize for the performing arts in Switzerland.