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Betina González

Switzerland | Literature


Writer Betina González bases her project on a meeting between Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung and the Argentine writer Victoria Ocampo that took place in Zurich in 1934. The encounter was a rather cold event, but it led to an epistolary relationship between the two. It also evidences how Jung played an important role in Ocampo’s work. During her research, González proposes two writing projects: a narrative essay recounting the meeting; and a fictional account of the encounter in connection with a case of an unnamed woman that Jung describes in «Memories, Dreams, Reflections».

Betina González [AR] is a fictional writer. She was awarded the Clarín Prize for «Arte Menor», her first novel, and the Tusquets Award for «Las Poseídas», which established her internationally as one of the most important new voices in Latin American literature. Her other books include the bestselling collection «El Amor Es una Catástrofe Natural» and «América Alucinada», her first work to be published in English, as «American Delirium». She teaches Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Buenos Aires and the University of New York in Argentina.