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Catalina Jaramillo

Switzerland | Visual Arts

Visual Arts

For several years, Catalina Jaramillo’s research has been based on the aesthetic experiences around the book and the written word. Thus, her inquiries have been directed at the possibilities of the written form as an artistic object that goes beyond its consideration as a vehicle for ideas. For the project «In my Beginning Is My End» (a verse from «Four Quartets» by T.S. Eliot), she takes Eugen Gomringer and the concrete poets as a reference to create a graphic novel that merges the language of concrete poetry with graphics, functioning as a reinterpretation of a literary genre completely linked to the visual arts. During the residency, she wants to focus on contemporary poetic processes, more specifically those recently produced within “comic poetry” in Switzerland.

Catalina Jaramillo Quijano [CO] is a visual artist and cultural manager. Since 2021 she has co-directed Flotante, an independent space with an emphasis on applied arts based in Bogotá. Her artistic work has been exhibited in different countries in the Americas and Europe and is part of public collections such as the Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín, Museo la Tertulia, Museo de Antioquia and Museo de Arte Miguel Urrutia. She has participated in residency programmes such as Odyssée programme, Residencia artística FAAP, Barda del Desierto, Pivô Pesquisa, Escuela Flora (Flora ars+natura) and El Ranchito (Matadero Madrid). Her artistic practice has been characterised by her use of graphic images, with interest in the poetics of everyday life; through tools such as drawing, painting, publications and installation, she aims to create minimal narratives with the use of simple gestures and subtle signs to be read.