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Diambe da Silva

Switzerland | Visual Arts

Visual Arts

«Novas Mucosas» (new mucous membrane) is ongoing research by Diambe da Silva based on creole edible roots. Those materials are the starting point for a sculptory practice in bronze foundry. During this project, Diambe plans to dive into food markets in Switzerland to understand the food culture and trace parallels with his original research in Brazil. After investigating what exists of African, Amerindian, and Asian roots in Swiss markets, the artist intends to create a new sculpture. The idea is to discuss the legacy of the Brazilian Antropofagia (the modernist principle that one should digest foreign culture in order to combine their influences with national culture), understand how we can blend those roots, and find, in food, a memory value.

Diambe da Silva [BR] is a multi-artist and non-binary person who develops a particular vocabulary that encompasses moving structures, choreography, bronze sculptures, engraving, painting, fire drawing and other variants. They participate in public collections such as the Museu de Arte do Rio, Anápolis Museum of Plastic Arts and Memória Lage. They pursue a master’s degree in the Performing Arts Program at ECO-UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro Federal University), have a degree in Social Communication from UFRJ and attended the Department of Arts and Media at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris 3). They participated in the artist residency programs at MAM / Rio + Capacete, Despina, Pivo Satélite and the Residência Cem Teto program.

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