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Fátima Rodrigo

Switzerland | Visual Arts

Visual Arts

In her most recent work, Fátima Rodrigo has explored the role that Andean art — understood as a form of historical record — has played in shaping Western modernism, since the archival record of Pre-Hispanic Andean and Mesoamerican cultures consists, not of written texts, but of iconography found on archaeological artefacts such as ceramics and textiles. For her project «New Trends», she intends to question the ways in which Indigenous cultural worlds are perceived, to this day, as separate from global history and located at the margins of modernity. The idea is to develop research around the Ethnological and Colonial Exhibitions from the mid-nineteenth century, focusing on the modern propaganda and graphic material which promoted imperial relations. Fátima wants to seek visual and symbolic parallels with contemporary trends predominating in the fashion and art world, which still reproduce the colonial idea of a “civilized us” dialectally constructed in opposition to the “indigenous others” as objects of study, rather than actors or subjects of rights.

Fátima Rodrigo [PE] is a visual artist. Her work explores the definition of modernity as opposed to non-Western practices from the “Global South” and different issues around gender identity in Latin America. She’s interested in confronting the unilineal history of modern art. Taking up elements from vernacular celebrations and the show business the artist has developed a language that questions the power regimes naturalized by art history. She was part of the Art Explora and Cite des Arts Residency Program, Paris, 2022; Gasworks, London, 2018 and Flora, Bogota, 2017. Her most recent solo shows include: «Plató América», in collaboration with musician Jaime Oliver, Museo de Arte de Lima (MALI), 2019; «Fiesta en América», ICPNA, Lima, 2019; «Lo que un Día Fue No Será», Galería 80M2 Livia Benavides, 2018; «Mala Mujer», Galería Valenzuela Klenner, Bogotá, 2018; UNAP, «Many Studios», Glasgow International Festival, Glasgow, 2016. She’s currently part of Liverpool Biennial «uMoya», curated by Khanysile Mbongwa, 2023. Her work has been published in: «77 Artistas Peruanos Contemporáneos» (2017) and «Tomorrow: Themes in Contemporary Latin American Abstraction» (2022), edited by Cecilia Fajardo-Hill.