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Joaquina Salgado

Switzerland | Interactive Media

Interactive Media

As a digital artist, Joaquina Salgado combines different technologies to create experiences that blur the boundaries between the physical and the dream world. She is interested in the relationship between humans and machines and the artefacts that form our construction of reality. During this project, entitled «Co-afinación» (Co-tuning), the artist aims to explore the poetics of mediations and the transfer of energy from one location to another. Using Unreal Engine, a videogame engine software, she proposes to create a virtual environment in which she will be able to stream live motion capture data over the Internet, allowing users in multiple remote locations to interact in the same shared digital space. To achieve this, she will use Mocap data through devices such as Perception Neuron.


Joaquina Salgado [AR] is a new media artist from La Plata who combines emerging technologies to create otherworldly and abstract images, XR experiences, interactive virtual worlds, and A/V performances. Her explorations between the physical and oneiric worlds converge in the creation of synthetic environments using real-time technologies, digital sculpting and photo-scan. Her work reflects on internal programming and the relationship we generate with machines as an interactive mirror. Her multimedia studies at the Universidad de Artes de La Plata led her to present her work in diverse exhibition contexts such as digital art festivals, nightclubs, physical galleries and the metaverse. She is currently investigating with British artist Vicky Clarke the limits of material representation between the analog-digital world and the impact on human perception.

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