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Juanita Fernández

Switzerland | Sound Art

Sound Art

For her project «Choir of Species», music and sound artist Juanita Fernández aims to take territorial tours in different parts of Switzerland and record them. These recordings should be worked on in collaboration with a local artist, creating pieces for each tour and, later, exhibited in three formats: postal pieces; a printed postcard with the map where the tour took place; and a QR code, sent by email, where it will be possible to listen to the piece and the primary recording. Juanita, who is in close contact with the traditional music of Uruguay, draws inspiration from candomblé culture and the principle of welcoming collective manifestations.

Juanita Fernández [UY] is a conceptual and sound artist, performer, composer and producer of contemporary art and sound poetry. Co-director of EXIT International Festival of Experimental Arts, she has a degree in Musical Interpretation with specialisation in Percussion at the University School of Music Institute of the Faculty of Arts of the University of the Republic. Within her activity as a percussionist, she has participated in Latin American premieres of contemporary music repertoire of international level, sharing the scene with composers such as Steve Reich, besides composing and producing songs such as «Birds», inspired by the song of the birds of Uruguay. In 2018, her installation «Térico Generation» was inaugurated at the Espacio de Artes Contemporáneo in Montevideo. It is a phonogram and a sound installation based on the Teros, consisting of six galvanized sheets transcended with an electroacoustic piece that was amplified by the same sheets.