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Olga Koksharova & Luc Müller

Chile | Music


The artistic research of Olga Koksharova & Luc Müller is based on the awareness that the soundscape influences the way we occupy and perceive a territory. For their residency «Seashell Sound», they intend to go to Tierra del Fuego, in the Chilian Patagonia, and reconduct the experience of sound creation related to a territory in a context without too many stimuli from the human world. As a support, they would like to rely on the research of the ethno-acoustician and scientist Lauriane Lemasson, who studies the relationships that peoples form with their sound environment. For several years, she has been recording sounds in Patagonia and studying the acoustics of certain sites, sometimes with very simple tools, like a wooden resonant box. From the collected data, she can reconstruct parts of the environment and culture of indigenous peoples who once occupied the place. Thus, Olga and Luc’s residency should have an initial phase, dedicated to creative listening, and a second step, where they will try to create “polyphonic assemblages” with existing patterns from this territory.

Olga Koksharova, born in Siberia and currently based in Geneva [CH], is a sound artist, composer and musician. She is interested in everything that is audible, regardless of the medium. She works with analog modular synthesizers, prepared instruments and phonography, favouring careful recording, but also experimenting in circumstances where the recording equipment is put to the test. Through her research, the artist explores sound as a tool that allows us to constantly reinvent our mapping of reality.

Having first studied jazz drumming in Lausanne, Luc Müller has since explored the multiple sound paths offered by the percussion instruments, with a focus on improvisation and experimentation. By developing unconventional playing or through the use of objects with heterogeneous functions as percussion instruments, he seeks to broaden or modify the sound field of the drum set. Although his approach to sound is more acoustic, he draws a lot of inspiration through his artistic research from electroacoustic or electronic music, as well as the sounds of everyday life.