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Pablo Insurralde

Switzerland | Visual Arts

Visual Arts

For many years, Pablo Insurralde has been working with ceramics as the only material for his productions. Part of the work is made up of scenes where objects are in motion and perform different actions. During his residency «Mute Mud», he intends to work with unfired clay and investigate the sound of this material without the usual ceramic process. Clay is a material that took millions of years to form, but when we fire it, we reverse that process in just 12 hours, turning it back into rock. Thus, for his project, Pablo proposes to conceptually seek to reverse this process. Sound is also an important part of the investigation: the objects made of clay will be exposed to several tests and the sounds produced will be digitally recorded; wireless sound transmission system will be used. For this, the artist aims to work alongside Swiss sound technician Bruno Blancpatin.

Pablo Insurralde [AR] studied visual arts, specialising in ceramics. His work addresses the marginal, fragile and secondary both technically and conceptually. He explores the intersection between sculpture, ceramics, architecture and craftsmanship, seeking to renew the gaze on the commonplace and the everyday through the stylisation of inconsequential places, objects and characters. He is currently investigating the relationship between resistance, fragility and sound in ceramics, subjecting this material to situations of vulnerability and risk.