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Switzerland | Music


Music duo Rizomagic intends to research electronic and Swiss landscape sounds that would later be interwoven with Colombian genres. During their stay, they aim to experiment with several electronic instruments to boost their creativity and bring a new sonority and creative workflow to their practice. They also propose to record landscape sounds and mix them with electronic ones. This should result in an album based on tropical rhythms from Colombia and ambient electronic music.

Rizomagic [CP] is an electronic music duo created in 2020 by Diego Manrique, director of the avant-garde cumbia orchestra Niño Pueblo, and Edgar Marún, director of the ethno-afrobeat project Dorado Kandua. Their sonority is mainly based on Afro-Colombian Caribbean music and IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) with a strong influence of ethnic sounds from around the world. Their debut album, titled «Voltaje Raizal», was released in 2020, and subsequently re-released for vinyl by the Italian label Disasters by Choice in 2022. The duo has performed in Colombian stages such as Colombia al Parque 2021 and made its first international tour in the year 2022 in Germany, Holland, and Italy. Rizomagic is currently preparing the release of their second album, «Marimbitiaos», inspired by the music of the Colombian Pacific.