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Tamara Alegre

Chile | Dance


Tamara Alegre’s work revolves around sensuality, erotic force, and political content. During their residency in Chile, the dancer and choreographer intends to research the local context, exchange with artists and practitioners (a contact they have been having through online events) and make connections between South American culture and her own – born in the Canary Islands, the artist feels a closer relation to the Latin culture. Tamara also proposes to present works in Chile and to offer a workshop for female and non-binary teenagers.

Tamara Alegre [ES/CH] works with dance and choreography. Born in Gran Canaria, they studied European Business and Psychology and worked as an underground music curator, DJ and tour manager until 2016. Their research revolves around sensual embodiments, fiction on sexuality and sexual organs, and liminal physical states as choreographic tools. Tamara’s dance practice is influenced by a growing passion for dancehall, attempting to understand how to position themself as a white person having access to black culture. Lately, they have collaborated with Soraya Lutangu/Bonaventure and the Kingdom Choir from Kampala as movement researcher and as choreographic assistant for Sabrina Röthlisberger on her performance «Le Sang». They have danced for La Ribot and Mårten Spångberg and, more recently, for Nikima Jagudajev, Carlos María Romero and PRICE. Tamara is a resident artist at Arsenic, Lausanne, for the next three years, where they premiered, in April 2022, with Elie Autin, Margarida Alfeirão, Cuba et al. NX FUIMO.

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