Our Offices & Partners Abroad

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Viola Rohner

Writer Viola Rohner intends to work on her next novel, «Vaterland», during her stay in Argentina. The book is a large-scale family story that focuses on a Swiss merchant family that has cultivated international business relationships over generations. It begins with grandfather Kern, who runs a colonial goods store in a small village in Appenzellerland …


Vicente Lesser

Chilian-born Vicente Lesser proposes to go back to his home country in the project «Las Huellas Desafiantes» (Challenging Footprints), an architectural investigation, anchored in the current context of Santiago de Chile. The residency departs from two architectural objects taken as symbols of the reuse by the ultra-liberal regime of Pinochet of the social initiatives of …


Sara Aliaga Ticona

The resignification of our relationship with water is a concept that photographer Sara Aliaga has been working on for some time. Visiting various communities in Latin America, she has learnt about reciprocal and respectful ways of relating to water and observed people’s struggle to keep it safe. For many of these communities, water is a …



Music duo Rizomagic intends to research electronic and Swiss landscape sounds that would later be interwoven with Colombian genres. During their stay, they aim to experiment with several electronic instruments to boost their creativity and bring a new sonority and creative workflow to their practice. They also propose to record landscape sounds and mix them …


Olga Koksharova & Luc Müller

The artistic research of Olga Koksharova & Luc Müller is based on the awareness that the soundscape influences the way we occupy and perceive a territory. For their residency «Seashell Sound», they intend to go to Tierra del Fuego, in the Chilian Patagonia, and reconduct the experience of sound creation related to a territory in …


Pablo Insurralde

For many years, Pablo Insurralde has been working with ceramics as the only material for his productions. Part of the work is made up of scenes where objects are in motion and perform different actions. During his residency «Mute Mud», he intends to work with unfired clay and investigate the sound of this material without …


Marius Barthaux

Marius Barthaux’s first encounter with the Brazilian contemporary dance scene dates back to 2014, when he watched Lia Rodrigues’ show «Pindorama». He was especially moved in the simple and yet very evocative proposition. Since then, he has taken a great interest in Brazilian production and the freedom it carries in its creations. For his residency …


Ismar Tirelli Neto

Taking a history-based approach, Ismar Tirelli Neto proposes, in the project «Interferer», to produce a book of poems that investigates (and repurposes) relations between economy, homosexuality, and the act of writing itself. He aims to work on a series of around 50 poems drawing both on myth and recorded history; throughout this production, he wants …


Fátima Rodrigo

In her most recent work, Fátima Rodrigo has explored the role that Andean art — understood as a form of historical record — has played in shaping Western modernism, since the archival record of Pre-Hispanic Andean and Mesoamerican cultures consists, not of written texts, but of iconography found on archaeological artefacts such as ceramics and …

Upcoming maintenance work

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