Our Offices & Partners Abroad

For detailed information please click on the offices and cultural centres below. For further information on the headquarters in Zurich please go to: www.prohelvetia.ch


Juanita Fernández

For her project «Choir of Species», music and sound artist Juanita Fernández aims to take territorial tours in different parts of Switzerland and record them. These recordings should be worked on in collaboration with a local artist, creating pieces for each tour and, later, exhibited in three formats: postal pieces; a printed postcard with the …


Guely Morató

Founder and director of SONANDES, a Bolivian platform dedicated to musical experimentation and sound art, Guely Morató has been working, since 2020, in «Wak’a: Neo-Extravism, Sacredness & Deep Listening», a project that articulates collaborations between Bolivian artists and practitioners from other countries. During her residency, Guelly intends to compositionally develop the multi-channel sound art exhibition …