Our Offices & Partners Abroad

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Vicente Lesser

Chilian-born Vicente Lesser proposes to go back to his home country in the project «Las Huellas Desafiantes» (Challenging Footprints), an architectural investigation, anchored in the current context of Santiago de Chile. The residency departs from two architectural objects taken as symbols of the reuse by the ultra-liberal regime of Pinochet of the social initiatives of …


Sara Aliaga Ticona

The resignification of our relationship with water is a concept that photographer Sara Aliaga has been working on for some time. Visiting various communities in Latin America, she has learnt about reciprocal and respectful ways of relating to water and observed people’s struggle to keep it safe. For many of these communities, water is a …


Pablo Insurralde

For many years, Pablo Insurralde has been working with ceramics as the only material for his productions. Part of the work is made up of scenes where objects are in motion and perform different actions. During his residency «Mute Mud», he intends to work with unfired clay and investigate the sound of this material without …


Fátima Rodrigo

In her most recent work, Fátima Rodrigo has explored the role that Andean art — understood as a form of historical record — has played in shaping Western modernism, since the archival record of Pre-Hispanic Andean and Mesoamerican cultures consists, not of written texts, but of iconography found on archaeological artefacts such as ceramics and …


Darks Miranda

For her project «A Lazy Night in Vulcano Island Starting», Darks Miranda draws back on her previous research in science fiction films from the 20th Century. During the residency, the artist wishes to map certain Western and modern imaginary and narratives that were used to project and build worlds and societies from ideals related to …


Catalina Jaramillo

For several years, Catalina Jaramillo’s research has been based on the aesthetic experiences around the book and the written word. Thus, her inquiries have been directed at the possibilities of the written form as an artistic object that goes beyond its consideration as a vehicle for ideas. For the project «In my Beginning Is My …


Martina-Sofie Wildberger

A performance artist focusing on text, as material, and on the political aspect of poetic expression, Martina-Sofie Wildberger aims to research the feminist movement «Ni Una Menos» in Argentina, which is described as a “collective scream against machista violence” and refers to the high number of femicides in the country. Martina has been researching the …


João Modé

With research in constructivism and concretism, João Modé bases his residency on the participation of Max Bill [CH] in the first São Paulo Biennial, in 1951, with the work «Tripartite Unit», a fundamental piece to open ways to concretism in Brazilian art. From that historical fact, he plans to openly research the geometrical art movement …


Ishita Chakraborty

Ishita Chakraborty’s art practice is marked by the traces: displacement, traumas of colonialism, articulation in language, orality, and identity. It investigates strategies and discourses of resistance narrated by individuals who create a narrative of micro-histories that conventional history has not been able to tell. In «Resistência: The Voices of the Rivers», the artist will continue …


Diambe da Silva

«Novas Mucosas» (new mucous membrane) is ongoing research by Diambe da Silva based on creole edible roots. Those materials are the starting point for a sculptory practice in bronze foundry. During this project, Diambe plans to dive into food markets in Switzerland to understand the food culture and trace parallels with his original research in …

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