Our Offices & Partners Abroad

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Martina-Sofie Wildberger

A performance artist focusing on text, as material, and on the political aspect of poetic expression, Martina-Sofie Wildberger aims to research the feminist movement «Ni Una Menos» in Argentina, which is described as a “collective scream against machista violence” and refers to the high number of femicides in the country. Martina has been researching the …


João Modé

With research in constructivism and concretism, João Modé bases his residency on the participation of Max Bill [CH] in the first São Paulo Biennial, in 1951, with the work «Tripartite Unit», a fundamental piece to open ways to concretism in Brazilian art. From that historical fact, he plans to openly research the geometrical art movement …


Ishita Chakraborty

Ishita Chakraborty’s art practice is marked by the traces: displacement, traumas of colonialism, articulation in language, orality, and identity. It investigates strategies and discourses of resistance narrated by individuals who create a narrative of micro-histories that conventional history has not been able to tell. In «Resistência: The Voices of the Rivers», the artist will continue …


Diambe da Silva

«Novas Mucosas» (new mucous membrane) is ongoing research by Diambe da Silva based on creole edible roots. Those materials are the starting point for a sculptory practice in bronze foundry. During this project, Diambe plans to dive into food markets in Switzerland to understand the food culture and trace parallels with his original research in …


Bettina Carl

During her residency in Argentina, Bettina Carl wants to continue the research and the previous contacts she established in 2018, when she participated in a residency program in Buenos Aires. The artist, known for her drawing practice and installations, now aims to embark on collaborations with an experimental, open-ended, multimedia character. She intends to shift …