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Volumes & Yet Magazine at Feria Impresionante

Chile — Knowledge sharing Feria Impresionante (c) Feria Impresionante


Feria Impresionante
Museo Mac Forestal
Santiago, Chile
26 – 29 October 2017

Volumes is an organisation set up to support independent art and DIY art publishers in Switzerland. A fair with the same name takes place every year in Zürich, showcasing the work of both international and local independent publishers, as well as artists.

Impresionante is a fair of publications and printed art, which takes place in Santiago, showcasing publishers from the south american region and other countries, to emphasize DIY publishing as a mean of expression and production.

In the last edition of Impresionante, at the Museum of Modern Art Mac Forestal, in addition to over 50 projects from Chile, Perú, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and France, displaying a wide variety of printed works, ranging from fanzines and stickers, to fiction and non-fiction publications, artist books, posters, etchings and prints with various techniques and media. Anne Laure Franchete, director of Volumes, presented the organisation’s stand, displaying a collection of representative publications from the Swiss independent publishing scene, including Yet Magazine, a triennial photographic publication, which showcases artists from all over the world, represented by its editor Paola Paleari; amongst other activities, they gave a joint talk opened to the public.

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