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«Anxiety Tour» Young Boy Dancing Group

Argentina, Brazil, Chile — Events YBDG performing in Argentina during «Anxiety Tour» ©YBDG

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From 6 April until 24 May 2019

Young Boy Dancing Group (YBDG) is a performance dance collective led by Swiss artist Manuel Scheiwiller in close collaboration with Maria Metsalu, from Estonia, and Nicolas Roses, from Argentina. From 6 April until 24 May 2019 COINCIDENCIA supported the YBDG «Anxiety» Tour throughout Central and South America.

The group deals critically with modes of dance production, digital culture, institutionalization and authenticity often referring to the visual artist Elaine Sturtevant. The work ranges from videos, fashion, sculptures and, at its core, live dance performances which are often structured improvisations influenced by post-apocalyptic scenery, acrobatics, post-humanism and DIY aesthetics and methods. YBDG by its nature has a queer identity and follows the sex and body positive guidelines, intending to create a safe space where the performer’s freedom can be explored while simultaneously challenging the norm of the heteronormative imagery of our society.

The «Anxiety Tour» was held in five different countries. In each venue, the collective worked with local artists and organizations to give workshops and create a different version of their performance before showing it. Find below a list with the venues and partner artists under the support of COINCIDENCIA.

Anxiety Tour - Venues and Partner Artists

Santiago (Chile)
: Rodrigo Sobarzo, Abrahan Antonio Catalán Ibáñez, Camila Carlota Oliveira Castro, Elisa Espinoza de Vera (Lizz)

Buenos Aires (Argentina)
UV Studios and Teatro San Martín

 Eva Calderone, Lucas Largomasimo, Lucas David Oscar Gutiérrez, Julia Hadida, Osías Yanov

Rosario (Argentina)
Centro de Expresiones Contemporáneas de Rosario

 Mauro Guzman, Luciano Carrioca, Aimé Irupé Fehleisen

São Paulo, Brasil
Lote at Casa do Povo and Casa 1
Performers: Slim Soledad, Ricardo Boni (Estileras), Aun Helden, Karen Christinne Triebss Zem

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