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«Art residency at Residency.ch» Jimena Croceri

Switzerland, Argentina — Residencies Process of creation of «Aare drawings» by Jimena Croceri ©Alexander Egger

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Jimena Croceri

Bern, Switzerland

April – July 2019

After the COINCIDENCIA open call for South American artists in 2018, the Argentinian visual artist Jimena Croceri was selected for the art residency Residency.ch, which took place from April to July 2019. Located in Bern, Switzerland, Residency.ch is a non-profit organization providing work and living space for international artists at the PROGR Art Center.

Croceri uses diverse media, including sculpture, performance, sounds and drawing. Working with laboratory methods, which are not either rational or sterile, but more curious than precise, her art research consists of various elements, which are all protagonists: time, chance, collaboration, correlation and coincidence. A large part of her work is based on the production of collective knowledge with others around her. 

During the residency in Switzerland she explored several performative gestures and also collaborated with others artists such as Sara Hamdy Mohammed, from El Cairo, and the Swiss artist Sarina Scheideger, with whom Jimena has developed the performance «NOSOTRXS, CUERPOS DE AGUA», presented at Cabaret Voltaire, in Zurich, during the residency period.

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