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«Atrato Collaborations» [CO]

Colombia — Knowledge sharing

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Más Arte y Más Acción

The Chocó region, in the Northwest of Colombia, is bathed by a variety of watercourses. That of the rivers, that of its two seas, the Pacific and the Caribbean, that of the rain and the humidity surrounding the area. Among those is the Atrato River, a long and navigable stream which is home to great biodiversity but also subject of expropriations of gold.

The river was the starting point of a series of collaborations between Swiss-based and Colombian-based artists, mediated by Fundación Más Arte y Más Acción [CO] and focusing on bio-cultural rights, the relationship between humanity and the natural world from different geographic and cultural perspectives. Atrato laid the ground to revive the memories of the struggles and victories silenced and raise voices against structural racism, patriarchy, extractivism, and coloniality.

Over four years (2018-2021), the project developed a series of activities, such as: a residency of Más Arte y Más Acción in Switzerland to meet with artists and other professionals working in the fields of art and science; a research trip along Atrato, to deepen the different issues related to the river, its communities and its inhabitants; a series of collective encounters; performative actions; an open science workshop; and exhibitions.

Atrato Collaborations visit to Hamburg in September 2021 ©️Paula Orozco

The project had the participation of the artist duo Knowbotiq (comprised of Yvonne Wilhelm and Christian Huebler) [CH], Ariane Andereggen [CH], Ted Gaier [DE], Hackuarium [CH], represented by Rachel Aronoff, Fernando Arias [CO], Wontanara / Fundación Mareia [CO], Corp-oraloteca / Universidad Tecnológica del Choco [CO], Motete [CO], Guardianes del Atrato [CO], and biologist Yuber Palacios Torres [CO].

«Mercurybodies», created by the Knowbotiq duo in the framework of «Atrato Collaborations»:


Más Arte Más Acción is a non-profit cultural foundation that generates critical thinking through art. The foundation’s base, on Colombia’s Pacific Coast, is the source of inspiration for artists and other professionals who are invited to explore wide-ranging social and environmental issues. Between 2012 and 2016, MaMa’s Nuevatopias programme was designed to mark the 500th anniversary of the term Utopia. Critical reflections were compiled in three books: «Nowhere», «Better Than», and «This Place». Since 2017 MaMa has continued to focus on the relationships between people and the natural environment.

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