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Cyril Cyril – tour in South America

Colombia, Peru, Venezuela — Events

Cyril Cyril

South America tour 2023

15.mar | Lima [PE]
Bongo Joe DJ Set

16.mar | Lima [PE]
Proyecto AMIL, with Ale Hop & Brayan

17.mar | Medellín [CO]
La Pascasia

18.mar | Bogotá [CO]
Matik Matik

19.mar | Caracas [VE]
Los Galpones

21.mar | Bogotá [CO]
Recording session with Meridian Brothers

22.mar | Bogotá [CO]
Centro Nacional de las Artes Teatro Colón

23.mar | Bogotá [CO]
El Anónimo

Coming from the Swiss musical underground scene, the duo Cyril Cyril creates a mix of very particular sounds that one would find quite difficult to label. The group formed by Cyril Yeterian (banjo, guitar, organ, vocals) and Cyril Bondi (drums, percussions, organ, vocals) acts as a ghost band, combining poetry with melodies from uncertain times.

While one hammers on a strange set of drums, the other alternates playing a banjo, a guitar, and a melodeon, as well as singing in different languages. The result is a blend of folk rock, blues, psychedelia, a touch of electronic music and references to various world sounds.

That’s what the Geneva-based duo present during a tour in South America, with concerts in Peru, Colombia, and Venezuela, from March 15th – 23rd, 2023.


Cyril Cyril came together in 2017. Yeterian (from Bongo Joe Records) took on the banjo, adding various effect pedals to it, turning the sound into something like a bouzouki (a kind of Greek luteent) or a krar (a lyre from Ethiopia and Eritrea). Bondi, on the other hand, cobbled together some drum kit with massive jingle bells and tropical nut shells embedded into his bass drum. Since then, the duo has released the albums «Certaine Ruines» (2018) and «Yallah Mickey Mouse» (2020), as well as a few singles.

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