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«D’Ärdgeiss» – Margrit Gysin at Paideia International Festival for Children and Youth [BR]

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Paideia Festival
23 Septermber | 10 and 11am
25 Septermber | 11am
Paideia Theatre
R$ 30

Renowned puppeteer Margrit Gysin [CH] returns to the Paideia International Festival for Children and Youth [BR] in 2022 with «D’Ärdgeiss» (The Enchanted Goat), a humorous allegory about the beauty and vulnerability of the world.

In the story, Margrit tells how Mother Earth takes care of the enchanted goat and all the other children: the root children, the hen, the beetle and the nightingale. The enchanted goat is always by her side. She gives the milk to feed all the children and weaves a magic thread, essential for repairing the earth. But one day the goat is exhausted, cannot eat and ends up getting sick.

The artist had already participated in the festival in 2016 with «Das Bucklihe Männlein» (The Hunchbacked Little Man).


Margrit Gysin graduated from the Jaques Lecoq theatre school in Paris and took the seminar for kindergarten teachers in Bern. From 1976 onwards, Margrit devoted herself entirely to the theatre of animated forms now called Figurentheater Margrit Gysin. Besides her work as an actress, Margrit Gysin is an adjunct professor in the field of theatrical pedagogy, animated theatre and creativity at different Art Schools and Technical Schools in Germany and abroad, including Berlin, Stuttgart and Prague since 1980. She is artistic director of the academic training in puppet theatre of the Figurentheater Training Association. Margrit also participates in the organization Artists without Borders. Among her most famous plays are the adaptation of Momo (1979), Wurzelkinder(1982), Die Sterntaler (1988), Mimi und Brumm (from 2000).

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