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«Dias & Riedweg» at Casa Mario Project (Uruguay)

Uruguay — Events Devotionalia © Dias & Riedweg

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Dias & Riedweg

June, 2019.


Supported by COINCIDENCIA, the duo of brazilian artists Dias & Riedweg presented the theoretical origins of the artistic praxis they developed over the past 25 years at a conference held at the Fine Arts Faculty in Montevideo, Uruguay. 

Using extracts from videos and photos, the duo introduced the participants to the aesthetic strategies that lead their body of work, underlining social identity and inclusion of minority groups in their praxis and the use of audiovisual devices as a fundamental element of integration among the people who participate in their work. Invited by the Casa Mario ProjectDias & Riedweg also held daily workshops at Subte Galeria de Arte, in downtown Montevideo, from June 3-8.  

Concieved for artists, curators and students from the region, the daily encounters aimed to gather the diverse realities present in artistic practices. They started with a detailed presentation of many of their works to open discussions about challenges and achievements that contributed to the understanding of the nature of their work. Considering the artistic context of Uruguay, the duo not only shared the processes of their work, punctuating their origins in the field of ideas and how they take shape, but also discussed forms of financing, exhibition and distribution in the art system. 

Built organically through the discussions, the second stage of the workshops contemplated the individual projects of the participants. Collective debates, mediated by the duo, were created to discuss the works exposed to the group, strengthening the dialogue between participants and allowing the co-creation of a work developed with the theme SECRET. 

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