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«Espírito da Floresta (Forest Spirit)» – Marcus Maeder

Brazil — Events Marcus Maeder working at a Recording Station in the Amazon Rainforest

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Bosque da Ciência


«Espírito da Floresta (Forest Spirit)» is an installation created by Swiss multimedia artist Marcus Maeder in partnership with AmazonFACE, an outdoor scientific experiment that assesses the effects of the increase in atmospheric CO2 on the ecology and resilience of the Amazon rainforest. The project aims to answer the question: How does the increase in atmospheric CO2 affect forest resilience, biodiversity and ecosystem benefits?
The work blurs the boundaries between science and art, testing new methods of ecological research through emerging audio-visual media. The installation gives its audience a sensory experience of the close connection between environmental conditions and life processes in the rainforest.
At this stage of the project, Marcus Maeder is returning to Brazil to make new recordings in the Amazon and show his work at Bosque da Ciência (Forest of Science, in Manaus, Brazil). The opening is scheduled for 10 September 2018.

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