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Exhibition «Lingering Bodies/Cuerpos Persistentes —caos y carne digital—» [CO]

Colombia — Events

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Espacio Odeón

An online collective, BraveNewwWorld addresses the intimacy of the theatrical space through the interactive language of the video game, to extend the performative space.

The exhibition «Lingering Bodies/Cuerpos Persistentes —caos y carne digital—» presents, in interactive narrative format, the collective’s body of work in relation to the installation work «La Carne» (The Flesh) by artist Pablo Baresch [CO]. The show takes place from 8 July to 8 August 2023 at Espacio Odeón in Bogotá [CO].

Juxtaposed on stage are works that appeal to a presence of the body mediated by touch and fragility, even as they come in violent forms or robust materials that seek to confront historical ghosts. In a video game experience, the four chapters of BNW are presented, addressing notions of desire, language and corporeality.

Opposite this is the terse, metaphorical reconstruction of what was once a theatre grandstand. This architectural phantom is now inhabited and traversed by a cold, sharp, meandering, immobile volume composed of concrete stars. This volume emerges from the sonorous image of a whip from which hundreds of pentagrams hang, waving in the sky to fall as a scourge, as a punishment. The installation «La Carne», by Pablo Baresch, presents a naked body, a skeleton, an armour of dead skin, of stars without light that are piled one on top of the other.

Throughout the exhibition, the mise-en-scène is crossed by a series of activations carried out between the artists of BNW and some of the collectives that form part of Espacio Comunal.

Participating artists: Brandy Butler, House of Yeguazas, Huerta Santa Elena, Ivy Monteiro, Juan Ferrari, Kamran Behrouz, Legion SEVEN, Mentah and Tarek Lakhrissi

Curated by: MSD, Daniela Gutiérrez-González, Sebastián Mira + Tatiana Rais

Museography: APLO + Laura Aparicio

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