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«First International Residencies Encounter»

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Arts en Residence (France)
BALAO (Ecuador)
Casa Mitómana (Ecuador)
cheLA (Argentina)
Cité Internacionales des Arts (France)
ISLA (Chile)
Junt4 (Brazil)
K3 (Germany)
Kaserne (Switzerland)
L’Abri (Switzerland)
LODO (Chile)
Lugar a Dudas (Colombia)
MAGMA (Argentina)
mARTadero (Bolivia)
Mar Adentro (Chile)
PAR (Uruguay)
NAVE (Chile)
Red de Artes Vivas (Colombia)
SACO (Chile)

Seeking to understand the diversity of artistic residency spaces, their characteristics, and challenges (especially in a pandemic context), the «First International Residencies Encounter» brought together 19 spaces and programmes from South America and Europe in a series of virtual seminars, that took place between the months of April and June 2021.

The project – an instance promoted by the centre NAVE [CL], with the support of Pro Helvetia South America – promoted an opening for dialogue around artistic residencies, their practices, problems, funding, their role in society, their exchange process, etc.

The activities counted on the participation of the theoreticians and managers Sally de Kunst and Eduardo Cassina as methodologists for each session and were structured around three blocks. The first dealt with understanding the different meanings of the residency, with its curatorial approaches and the multiple forms through which they generate value. The second part was devoted to the realities of funding, as well as limitations and opportunities regarding territory, communication and promotion. In the last part, a discussion was held on the residency as a space of resilience and social laboratory, where art and science intertwine with notions of community.

The aim of the encounter was not only to exchange international experiences but also to give visibility to residencies and their importance, creating paths for elaborating future policies that integrate these spaces as a fundamental part of cultural and social development.

These debates and exchanges have been organised in a bilingual publication (Spanish and English), which is available online.

Publication resulting from the «First International Residencies Encounter»

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