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«Demasiado cortas las piernas» – Katja Brunner, Heidrun Maria Breier

Chile — Events (c) Heidrun Breier


Sala Patricio Bunster
Matucana 100
Dates: 12 July – 5 August 2018

«Demasiado cortas las piernas» by Katja Brunner (Zurich), directed by Heidrun Maria Breier (Timisoara, Rumania) opens in Santiago

Heidrun Maria Breier was born in 1971. Along with her family, she emigrated to the Federal Republic of Germany in 1979, where she studied and worked in the Municipal Theatre of Leipzig. In 1998, she emigrated to Chile to work as an actress, director, translator and lecturer. She has directed plays by European playwriters such as Falk Richter and Heiner Müller. Katja Brunner is a Swiss playwright, and at just 22, this play earned her the award for «best new play» at the Mülheim Festival, one of the most important awards in German dramaturgy.

«Demasiado cortas las piernas» is a play by Katja Brunner, dealing with the issue of a daughter of a middle-class family being sexually abused by her father. The play tells the story of a girl-woman drifting between cruelty and love, the love for her parents and their love for her. It is a disturbing script, which tells from afar – bringing together on scene the challenge of narrating and representing at the same time – the story of a family: mother, father and daughter, and the father´s obsession with her since birth, to the point of taking her through a story of love and sensuality, challenging moral and civil laws, and therapeutic theories. For this production, Breier called on actors Néstor Cantillana, Macarena Teke, Gonzalo Muñoz and Álvaro Espinoza with whom she has worked on several plays before, as well as composer Pablo Aranda and designer César Toro. The play will open in July at Sala Patricio Bunster in Matucana100.

Translation in spanish of the play by Carla Imbrogno

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