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«1st International Meeting of Translators and Interpreters of Native and Minority Languages» – (Colombia)

Colombia — Knowledge sharing ©Richard Decaillet

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November, 2019.


With the objective of connecting, relating and preserving cultures, the 1st International Meeting of Translators and Interpreters of Native and Minority Languages ​​took place in the headquarters of Instituto Caro y Cuervo (Bogotá, Colombia) during the 25th and 29th of November 2019. During this period, 18 minority language translators and interpreters from different countries around the globe were invited to share the context of their work and the challenges they encounter, with the aim of strengthening the bonds between professionals from around the world.

Underlining the importance of translators and the interpreters in guaranteeing access to health, justice, communication and identity rights, the project aims to strengthen these agents and provide them with tools for the creation of networks and the sharing of knowledge and experience, bringing together cultural and identity practices and revitalizing indigenous and minority languages. The vast program was composed, among others, by the creation of 18 micro-documentaries, 18 podcasts, subtitle and digital sound editing workshops, in addition to having generated political impact.

This project was particularly important because it coincided with the International Year of Indigenous Languages ​​(2019) and also because it exposed the ambiguous similarities in the realities of Swiss and Latin American translators and interpreters who, although dedicated to different objectives, face similar challenges, such as the lack of resources and shortage of active professionals.

Organized by AATI – Argentine Association of Translators and Interpreters, ICC – Instituto Caro y Cuervo and ACTTI – Colombian Association of Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters, the encounter supported by Pro Helvetia brought together professionals Mevina Puorger (Switzerland), Georgina Laura Fraser (Argentina), Stéphane Borel (Switzerland), Uwe Dethier (Germany), Salomé Landívar (Argentina), Mariano Randazzo (Argentina), Cecilia Rossi (United Kingdom), Juan Carlos Tonko (Chile), Belkys Herrera (Colombia), Ángela Morales (Chile), Joziléia Daniza Jagso Kaingang (Brazil), Txulunh Natiéli Favénh Gakran (Brazil) and Guipsy Katherine Alata Ramos (Peru).

The project also received support from the Brazilian Association of Translators and Interpreters (ABRATES), the Organization of Indigenous Peoples of the Colombian Amazon (OPIAC), the International Federation of Translators, the Latin American Federation of Translators and the University of Anglia Oriental.

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