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«Incidencias Sonoras» – Research trip to LUFF festival in Switzerland

Switzerland — Research Trips Andy Guhl (ex-Voice Crack) at LUFF © Chico Dub


Research trip to LUFF festival, Switzerland
October 17 to October 21, 2018

Research trips are one of the essential elements of «Incidências Sonoras» and, consequently, the «COINCIDENCIA» programme. A recent trip to Switzerland involving the curators Jorge Haro, Luis Alvarado and Chico Dub was organised around the LUFF festival, one of the important events in Switzerland dedicated to experimental music, the 17th edition of which took place in Lausanne from 17 to 21 October. This was an opportunity for these three curators, from Buenos Aires, Lima and Rio de Janeiro respectively, to experience the latest developments on the international scene, attending performances, concerts and meetings with musicians and professionals with careers based in Switzerland.

Jorge Haro is the curator of Escuchar (sonidos visuales), a cycle of audio-visual concerts organised in Buenos Aires’ Museum of Modern Art. As an artist, he is interested in the scientific aspects of sound, expanded listening, sound visualisation and data transformation processes.

«Incidências Sonoras» project manager Chico Dub is also a curator specialising in experimental music and sound art. His main project is the Novas Frequências Festival, an international event that has been held since 2011 in Rio de Janeiro.

In addition to attending LUFF, Luis Alvarado, a Peruvian journalist, radio programmer, artist, A&R and curator of Festival Integraciones, also travelled to Switzerland to develop his research for two future works involving «Incidências Sonoras»: a Swiss artists’ collection for his Buh Records label and a bimonthly radio programme in podcast format aiming to create stories involving music made in Switzerland and on the South American scene. By the end of his 12-day trip, Luis had visited Zurich, Bern, Geneva, Lugano, Basel and Lausanne.

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