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«Infinite Becoming» – Fronte Violeta at La Becque [CH]

Switzerland — Residencies

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Fronte Violeta

La Becque

Sound artists Anelena Toku and Carla Boregas, from the duo FRONTE VIOLETA [BR], seek to relate to the natural environment not as a setting for their performance but as a way to dilute human protagonism. Thus, the artists search for nature’s subjective manifestations experience and evoke this memory that goes beyond matter.

During a residency at La Becque [CH], from February to March, 2023, the duo intended to get in touch with the Swiss landscape, both natural and cultural, to awaken sensitivity through a poetic-aesthetic dialogue with the environment.

“At the end of our residency, we named our project «Infinite Becoming». Maybe because we arrived in the winter and left in spring. Maybe because while in front of Lac Léman and its apparently still waters, we saw mountains and houses disappearing in a flood in our home country. Maybe because we arrived thinking about researching the natural and social contrasts between stability and instability, and during that time, we realized that, in nature, nothing is completely stable or unstable. Not the water in the lake, nor the mountains,” de duo describes.

“During our stay, we also developed studies for a new multi-sensorial performance reflecting on: the intrinsic relationship between sounds and smells of nature related to wellness as a consequence of the domestication of our senses and the commodification of nature; the idea of the natural environment as a provider of only pleasant sensations alienating ourselves from many stimuli that could evoke other sensations such as alert states, stress and disorientation.”

At La Becque, FRONTE VIOLETA also finished a new album through recomposing sounds and intentions extracted from our their most recent multidisciplinary projects.


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FRONTE VIOLETA [BR] is a duo from São Paulo, formed by multidisciplinary artist Anelena Toku and musician and sound artist Carla Boregas. Since 2015, they’ve been developing an experimental investigation of sound related to other senses and languages. Drawing on different media, the duo creates immersive and multisensorial projects in which they combine experimental electronic and electroacoustic music compositions alongside other practices such as video, live performance, installation, site-specific, and sound dramaturgy. Among their works are the site-specific sound installation «What Is Not/O Que Não Está», commissioned by CTM Festival and Deustchlandfunk Kultur, the audiovisual piece «Lapso», and «CLARÃO», commissioned by Festival Novas Frequências in 2020 and formed by an audiovisual piece and an incense. Their latest album, «Flam», was released in 2018 by the Japanese label Depth of Decay.

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