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« Interactions – A Guide to Swiss Underground Experimental Music»

Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Peru — Events © Interactions Album's Cover

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September 2019 to December 2019.

Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.

The double album tour entitled « Interactions – A Guide to Swiss Underground Experimental Music» came to promote part of Switzerland’s underground experimental music scene in ten cities in South America. The album, released by the Peruvian label Buh Records, was born from the compilation of the works of more than 30 musicians, and the tour, consisting of ten concerts, took place between the 9th and the 24th of November 2019.

With the support of COINCIDENCIA, the artists Manuel Troller and Belia Winnerwisser traveled to Brazil, Colombia, and Peru to hold five shows. The experience was a rhizomatic cultural exchange that brought two artists into contact with different languages ​​and research, in addition to presenting their poetics to four cities with specificities in their music scenes.

D’incise and Julie Semoroz, in turn, toured Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile. In cities like Montevideo, Buenos Aires, and Valdivia, to name a few, artists were able to perform their pieces and experiment in representative spaces for art and culture in each region.

Consistent with the name of the album, the Interaction’s project was supported by an extensive network of cultural spaces, collaborators, artists, and, in this way, connected different cultural scenarios, feeding and enriching exchanges in the experimental music’s scene.


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