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Juice & Rispetta at «Mitopía»

Colombia — Events

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Juice & Rispetta

14 September – 4 November 2019

Bogota, Colombia

Emerging between the ideas of myth and utopia, «Mitopía» was one of the selected curatorial projects for the «45 Salón Nacional de Artistas» of Bogota. More a proposal than a project, Mitopia invited artists to invent spaces and identities that could reconfigure social relationships and subjective economies by privileging processual formats.

For the occasion, the Swiss art collective Juice & Rispetta developed a series of mixed-media installations and interactive devices. In «Playa del Músculo Social» they encouraged the exchange of dreams and desires that questioned outdated ideas of universality and globalization. With other actions such as «Beauty Salon» and «Radio Club», they experimented with worlds seemingly incompatible with art exhibitions, creating spaces for haircuts and open debates with the public.

During their time in Bogota, Juice & Rispetta met with other Latin-American art collectives who were also part of «Mitopía». Together, they discussed about the ways in which each group manages and develops their work. As an end-manifestation for the «45 Salón Nacional», the artists joined a carnival that went out through the streets of Bogota.


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