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«Magma» and «Meta Magma» – Fumetto Comic Festival and Strapazin Comic Magazine

Switzerland, Brazil — Knowledge sharing

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Chácara Lane

2018 – 2019

Switzerland, Brazil

Invited artists
Diego Gerlach (BR), Corinne Odermatt (CH), Fanny Voucher (CH), Talita Hoffman (BR), Rafael Coutinho (BR), Anete Melece (CH), Ampel Magazin (CH), Fambio Zimbres (BR)

A Fumetto production, conception of Jana Jakoubek and Talaya Schmid.

The «Fumetto International Comic Festival» in Lucerne (Switzerland) and the comic-art magazine «Strapazin» created a collaborative project involving artists and institutions from Switzerland and Brazil. After a year working together and exchanging references, ten artists, illustrators and comic book artists of both geographies built the issue #130 of «Strapazin», titled «MAGMA». The magazine gave rise to its namesake exhibition and both were launched during the «Fumetto» festival, in April 2018. 

The exhibition presents works that go beyond the idea of comics, including drawings, paintings, installations, objects, murals and performances. Issues around identity, otherness, balance and relations between individuals and groups are the basic elements that comprise «MAGMA». Along with «MAGMA», the «Fumetto» festival also featured the exhibition «El Volcan», with comics from all the countries of South America. 

In November 2018, the exhibition was redesigned to be presented in Brazil, at the Chácara Lane of the São Paulo City Museum, under the title «Meta MAGMA». For three days, the public could watch the artists working in the transformation of the museum’s exhibition space while they were setting up the exhibition, which was on from 15 November 2018 to 25 January 2019. In the same context, the «Fumetto» festival and the «Strapazin» magazine were invited to participate in the fair «Des.gráfica 2018», at the Museum of Image and Sound, in São Paulo, on 2 November 2018.

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