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Marc Streit (Zurich) at Panorama Festival

Brazil — Research Trips Panorama Festival (c) Marc Streit


Panorama Festival
Rio de Janeiro
1-12 November 2017 (1st module)

Marc Streit is the associate director at Tanzhaus Zürich and the artistic director of Zürich Moves! Festival. During his week long visit in November 2017 to Rio de Janeiro, where he attended Panorama Festival, he was able to make valuable connections to South American presenters and artists. During the 7th edition of Zürich moves! in March 2018 he presented Anti Status Quo – Companhia de Dança, which he discovered during Panorama Festival 2017. Marc is now planning an artistic exchange platform as part of Zürich moves! 2019 and Atos de Fala 2019 with Felipe Ribeiro and other partners in South America.

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