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Milo Rau at the 6th International Theatre Festival of São Paulo

Brazil, Switzerland — Events «Five Easy Pieces» by Milo Rau at MIT in Sao Paulo ©Guto Muniz

MITsp 2019

Full Program

14 to 24-March-2019

São Paulo, Brazil

The Swiss director and author Milo Rau was the artist in focus of the 6th International Theatre Festival of São Paulo (MITsp), which took place between March 14 and 24, 2019, in several theatres of the city. The festival brought together a significant slice of the contemporary world scene, productions that tilt toward language experimentation, but also prove to be critical of their own time.

During the MITsp 2019, the artist participated in the Plays Festival axis with the works «The Repetition, Histoire(s) du Théâtre (I)», which was presented during the opening ceremony of the festival, «Five Easy Pieces» and «Compassion. The History of the Machine Gun».  And in the Critic Views axis, focused on the reflection of issues raised by the shows and by the country’s and the world’s reality, with the «Dialogue between Milo Rau and Wagner Schwartz».

In 2018, COINCIDÊNCIA supported the American premiere of his film «The Congo Court», also during the MITsp. The project created a trade union organisation to deal with economic crimes in the Congo War context.

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